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Posted by MichealH Alexander on February 24th, 2021

In every moment of our life are expecting to live in a place where we get used to and stay happily with someone we loved. How can we create a community and inhabitant to answer every generation?

Senior Living is growing into a new development type, as Thailand and many ASEAN countries are moving into the age of Senior Living.

Instead of focusing on targeted senior residences, we proposed Development for LIFE concept, to create communities of suitable for a residence from birth until the last day of life. We focus on creating variety of functions for all age groups. This coincide with senior residence study, that a healthier environment is when that is a good balance in residences of all age group.  Interior Design Company in Bangkok

Architects place much emphasis on FLEXIBILITY, such as the room-layout that can transform to support all living conditions from a young, healthy residences to wheelchair users and assisted living condition, where bedroom can be turned into a patient bed with a living quarter of a full time care taker.

In time, rail supports can be installed at a pre-designed location once needed, but not before. This is actually based on a research that a healthy living environment should not feels like medical facilities. Images of rails, bars and walking support equipments are not desirable in senior living environment. They should be completely invisible or only installed where absolutely needed, while accessibility design must be seamlessly integrated.  Phuket Architect

Another unique concept is to apply Campus Design Concept (instead of a hospital like environment). By research, the silver set (another name for active, urban senior citizens) tends to prefer a campus lifestyle as they are released from family and professional burden. Campus lifestyle stands for freedom in many forms: freedom to learn new skills, to meet new people, to always engage in new activities.

Campus Design Concept encourages freedoms in life, by the provision of sharp looking, handsome architectural design, learning space in the form of classrooms in various sizes. Provision of “Chance Meeting” spaces ranges from many lounges in large lobby space, meeting pockets in the corridor (that also serves as a wheelchair turning point, seating, and resting area), and meeting spaces in the park.

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