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Find Rolex Datejust watches

Posted by tedmark on March 6th, 2015

 Every person knows about Rolex watches, the early collections and what makes them so special. However, not many collectors or enthusiasts might be familiar with Rolex Datejust watches. They are remarkable pieces, with a versatile style, rich history and high quality manufacturing. Those familiar with the collection state without hesitation that they are some of the most impressive watches in history. In the same category of popular watches, Rolex Submariner watches are well known and they come in several designs, some with date and some without. 

Rolex can easily be considered a lifestyle and not actually a brand, although it is well known worldwide and has revolutionised watch making. It is important to see the early models to understand where it all began and why Rolex has become so popular after all. Rolex Datejust watches are part of the early models that have made a great impact and even nowadays many enthusiasts are looking for them. When Rolex had its 40th anniversary, the Datejust was released and it was back in the 1945. Its most important and notable feature was the automatic mechanism and the changing date window. It was the first watch to be released with these characteristics.

Perhaps nowadays it doesn’t seem such a big deal, but for those times it was mind blowing. Rolex Datejust watches had the Oyster case, being waterproof. Even in this aspect it brought something new, as the overall case was waterproof. At that time, to make a watch waterproof, an additional case was needed to be placed over the main one. And speaking of which, Rolex Submariner watches were the first ones to resist at 100 meters underwater. The name comes from the Triplock winding crown, similar to what submarines have. The design is considered by many to be rugged, but once you view the models, you will find them rather stylish.

There are several models released under the name of Rolex Datejust watches and Rolex Submariner watches. For instance, the first Datejust model was available only with the yellow gold bracelet and the name didn’t even appear on the dial. Over the years, many versions were released, with steel bracelets, with diamonds, stone dials and many more. It is hard to mention all details, but there are surely collectors that know everything about them and which try as much as possible to get their hands on some rare and vintage watches. For some, this might seem as an impossible task, but there are always specialised shops that are willing to help.

No one can argue the accuracy, style and excellent watch making process Rolex watches have. There isn’t anything like them, although many competitors try to equalize them. If back in the days they were more exclusive, nowadays shops can be found that focus on all Rolex models and want to offer clients the best experience and watches that truly impress. Some even go the extra mile and find watches on request. 

Have you got something special for Rolex Datejust watches? You can find some of the most popular models right here. In the same time, you can also find Rolex Submariner watches, in case you are a passionate diver.

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