Oh God! is the Must-try Casual Game Right Now!

Posted by Delacruz Forrest on February 25th, 2021

Games are not made the same and gamers are also not made the same. Some love a full immersive experience that a role playing or adventure game brings. Other gamers love the intensity of action and fighting games. There is also a significant gaming population that only prefers pretty chill games like simulations and casual games. If Oh God PC are the third type of gamer, you should definitely check out this new game that we are featuring right now. ‘Oh God!’ is the name of the game and we doubt you will forget it anytime soon since even the name is so memorable already. To begin with, what exactly are casual games? Like the name suggests, casual games from the word “casual” have a more relaxed nature; usually friendly in gameplay and rather informal. Not only that, casual games are created in such a way that they can be played and understood by almost everyone. Games, like mentioned before, are not created equal so obviously the players of games are not the same either. Generally speaking, casual games have simple user interfaces, have visual markers, and do not have long playing times. The core concept of casual games is to be a game that, no matter what happens, is consistently entertaining. So now, let us talk about ‘Oh God!’ Admittedly, casual games are the easiest to do so there is no shortage in casual games that are unimaginative and copycats. Simply put, they look just like any other casual game. Well-known hypercasual game developer Alictus sometimes does this problematic copycat approach. Because of this, ‘Oh God!’ is the most unique game produced by Alictus. When it comes to game design, ‘Oh God!’ is pretty high up there. You might be asking now, what is it exactly that makes Oh God! oh so special? There are actually two things that make it particularly significant among casual games. The first reason is the idea for the game. Basically, players will take on the role of a divine judge who gets to decide if souls go to heaven or hell. Fascinating, isn’t it? The second reason Oh God! is unique is that the judgment do not just came by clicking one of either two buttons or simply deciding if a soul is worthy or not. To complete levels and judgments, you have to do mini-games. To sum it up, you will not get bored of Oh God! any time soon. Just because a game is classified as a casual game, it does not mean it has to be dull and unimaginative. Oh God! is a perfect example of this. If you are looking for something light and fun, then definitely try casual games and try Oh God!

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