How a flowering tea or blooming tea can change your tea drinking experience

Posted by AdrianRocker on March 8th, 2015

Let’s say a big tea drinker’s thank you to China for introducing the world to flowering tea, which is also known as the blooming tea. If you are the proud owner of an exquisitely carved glass teapot then make sure that you get a display tea to enhance the aesthetic beauty of the tea drinking experience. Yes, this variety of floral and scented tea also has other names and, display tea, blossoming tea, performance tea are just a few of them. These teas open up into a beautiful floral display when hot water is poured on it. This tea usually comes in a bud or a bloom but once it is brewed, the floral display inside the glass teapot is no less than a wonder to the eyes and a treat to the senses.

The idea behind the creation
Before going into the details of how a display tea is made, you may like to know that the artisans have this belief that these creations bring forth prosperity, love and happiness. With this faith, they use only the best flowers and teas to create a blooming tea.

How a flowering tea is made
This artistic arrangement of tea is made with a lot of delicate care by the skilled Chinese artisans. Fresh flowers are used to make this bud. Fresh silver tea needles are used to sew into these flowers. These needles can be either green or white. After being sewn, a cotton yarn is used to wrap these flowers. Then they are fired. After this, a flavour which is either that of jasmine or strawberry is added to it. Then it is baked for another few minutes. To ensure the freshness of these flowers, they are packaged and sealed after being baked. And, there you go. The blooming tea is ready to be used in a teapot.

Flowering tea designs
The creativity isn’t just a part of the flavour and the ingredients but also the designs. You will see that each of such display tea will have a unique flavour and design. You can choose from a bouquet of blossom to an arch or a simple design of flower posy. You can get any one of these designs or all of them for that matter. The investment is worth the appreciation and experience that a simple brew can bring. The blossom, when it opens up to hot water, it continues to present a transcendental, scented flavour with every sip. 

It is interesting to note that the creation of a flowering tea began hundreds of years ago in the Yunnan province of China. The art of displaying tea in this manner can be traced back to its usage in the 10th century royal courts of China. However, at that point of time, the purpose was only to display a blooming tea and not to drink it. With time, artisans have added their personal touch and improvised their heritage to make a blossom worth drinking. And, today, we use it to add beauty to the entire experience of drinking tea.

Impress your guests with a flowering tea or blooming tea that is a far cry from the usual tea leaves or tea bags.

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