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Posted by AdrianRocker on March 8th, 2015

If you are an avid tea lover then you know that there is much more to tea than just tea leaves. While having tea with cream or sugar is a routine affair, a little bit of experimenting can transport you to a completely different world of flavours where scented flowers blended with premium tea leaves produce a subtle aroma that leaves your distinctly refreshed. Tea scented with Jasmine Pearls is a fine blend of green tea and jasmine blossoms gives you a highly fragrant drink. If you are planning for a tea party soon include differently flavoured tea served in brightly coloured cast iron teapot and earn instant recognition for your refined tastes.

A cast iron teapot makes tea best as it distributes heat uniformly and keeps the tea hot for a longer duration. So, while you are exchanging the latest gossips over a bite of cake your tea remains warm. These teapots when used over time lend a rich flavour to the tea. In fact, tea connoisseurs insist on over-used teapots over new ones. Jasmine flowers used in the making of Jasmine Pearls are in the peak of their bloom when plucked. The tea leaves are packed with the white blossoms and left overnight to allow the tea leaves to absorb the sweet fragrance of the flower.

The practice of having Jasmine Pearls had originally started in China from where it spread across the globe. The area in which they are grown is at high altitude and are mostly blended with green tea although black tea and white also go with jasmine blossoms. The aroma of jasmine tea is sweet and the carefully crafted tea gives you adequate dose of freshness to start a day with. An advantage of cast iron teapot is that it is durable and is resistant to cracking. Enamel coating inside prevents it from rusting.

A cast iron teapot can be a simple one or an ornate one with minute designs crafted on the body. The iconic dragon on the teapot is a common work of art often seen. A stylishly crafted teapot blends well with the delicate tableware you have set for the party and offers functional utility as well. Keep matching coasters, tea cups and tea warmer that look good when well assembled. It is believed that the Jasmine Pearls had been introduced to China from Persia via India by the Han Dynasty during the 206BC to 220AD. However, it became popular worldwide only during the era of the Qing Dynasty in the 17th century when it was exported to the western world.

If bought online, a cast iron teapot comes with a basic warranty. If you are buying on retail or wholesale, the discounted price saves a lot of money if bought online. The return policy of the e-stores is quite transparent allowing you to return an item and buy afresh. Browse through the gallery of a reliable store and pick an assorted flavour of Jasmine Pearls, Lavender Dreams White Teas or any other and treat your guests to some exotic flavours. Your guests will agree that each sip is a bliss indeed.

The most premium quality tea is Jasmine Pearls. Use a cast iron teapot that keeps your tea warm for long.

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