Different types of tennis strokes for players that can help win leagues

Posted by AldoMoore on March 9th, 2015


Tennis is a prestigious sport, which is played throughout the world by people of all age groups. To master the game of tennis, it is not only important that players learn and refine a few strokes but also keep other factors in mind like - right selection of the tennis racquet and gripping the racquet in the right manner. Practicing endless hours on a particular stoke can help players master in it and help them distinguish between an average player and a champion. To quickly improve your skills just join eTenni League and play with same skill players.

Types of tennis strokes

There are a number of ways of striking the tennis ball. Depending on the way the tennis ball is hit and the position of the hand and legs, the shots are classified. A few most common types of tennis strokes are as under:

  1. Serve
  2. Backhand
  3. Forehand
  4. Volleys
  5. Other shots- lob, smash etc.


Serve is the start point of any match. A server stands diagonally behind the baseline to the opponent’s service box and strikes the ball from there so that the ball crosses the net and reaches to the opponent’s box.  For hitting the serve ball, the server usually toss the ball high up in the air and with all his strength strikes the ball in the best possible angle so that it becomes for the opponent player to return.


There are two types of backhand. Depending on the usage of the hand-either one or both, the type is distinguished.  When the ball comes to the opposite direction, players have to awing the racquet far from the body and hit in the opposite side. This is the most difficult stroke because too much of power is required to pull the shot and not push it. This is a good method of exploiting the weakness of the opponent player.


Forehand is just the opposite of backhand stroke. This stroke is usually the first and the easiest shot that a tennis player is taught. In this type of stroke, the racquet is usually swung in the air in the same side of the body and the same hand in which the racquet is held. This stroke like backhand can be played with either one hand or both the hands.


Another most common type of tennis stroke is the volley. In this type of shot, the player has to strike the ball before it can bounce. For playing this stroke, it is very important to be swift and return the ball back to the opponent without much delay so that he/she is unable to adjust. While hitting this shot, the whole body has to be far away from the racquet.

Other Strokes - lob and smash

These are two opposite types of stroke. While the former is a defense shot, the latter is an attack shot. The lob can be hit for two reasons like the player can hit this shot so that they are able to get their positions back in the court when they are attacked or when they are returned a stroke very fast and also to hit the ball in such a manner that the opponent is unable to hit the ball. Whereas the smash is an attack shot where the ball has to be hit hard to weaken the opponent and grab a point.

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