AreRTA Cabinetsof Good Quality?

Posted by LauraDerb on February 25th, 2021

One of the first considerations that homeowners must have in mind when looking for cabinets is the quality of the cabinets. This is a factor that will determine whether a kitchen remodeling process will be successful or not.

One of the kitchen remodeling options is the installation of RTA cabinets. The big question is whether this cabinetry option gives good quality.

Understanding RTA Cabinets

The ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets are an option that is given to homeowners who want to assemble their cabinets for themselves. Of course, there are benefits that come with using this cabinetry option. Some of the benefits include:

Cheaper than readymade options

One of the top benefits that you get when you choose RTA cabinets is that they are cheaper than the readymade options. This is because the manufacturer saves a lot of time and monetary resources that would have been used to assemble the cabinets. Therefore, you can be sure that the work you are doing when assembling is what makes the cabinets cheaper.

Variety of options

There are many options that you get when you choose RTA cabinets. The options can be imported from many countries abroad. This is beneficial since you can find exactly what you want from the many options that you have.

Well, there are many other benefits that you can get; however, let’s also have a look at the greatest concern of RTA cabinets.

Is quality the greatest concern for RTA cabinets?

Undoubtedly, quality is the greatest concern that homeowners have when buying RTA cabinets. Since you are likely to buy the RTA cabinets online, you cannot confirm the quality of the wood that you will get. You also can’t confirm whether the images presented online are the same as what you will have when you finish making the cabinets.

Now that you know quality is an issue, how do you go about it?

Solutions for getting the best RTA cabinets of good quality

Ask about the material of wood and its specifications

The first thing that you need to do is to ask the seller to send you the details of the wood used in the construction of the RTA cabinets.

Ask for warranty

You should negotiate a warranty with the seller. The details of the warranty should cover the quality of the wood used. This will ensure that you get the best quality since no seller would like bad reviews or refunds.

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