Importance of Selecting a Suitable Animal Feed and Feeding Schedule for Your Hor

Posted by emilioatterson30 on March 10th, 2015

Horses have been fed many types of food items like oats, corn, barley, and molasses, along with hay and grass. The type of animal feed for horses depends on their age and their activity. These two things should be factored in when selecting a brand of horse feed.

Animal Feed for Young Horses

Young horses need a special diet that is focused more on aiding their development. While an adult horse would require more carbohydrates to provide it energy to do its daily task, a young horse would require additional proteins to aid its growth and muscle formation. Just like how young human children are given a diet to complement their growth, young horses should be fed a special diet.

Selecting the Right Horse Feed

When selecting animal feed for your horse, you should start by assessing the nutritional needs of your horse. Once this is done, see what varieties of animal feed are available in the market, and what their nutritional content is.

Animal feed suppliers indicate the nutritional contents of their products on the packing to help you understand if these are right for your horse. If you are confused, you can ask the sales person of the store from where you buy to animal feed to help you out. You will have to explain about the breed of your horse, its age and its routine, and the sales person can recommend you a suitable type of feed.

Feeding the Right Way

It is not only about selecting the right horse feed but also about devising a proper feeding regime for your equine pet. Both overfeeding as well as underfeeding can have long term repercussions on the health of your horse, and inhibit its growth and daily routine. Overfeeding your horse can be very bad as it can lead to laminitis or colic, which results in painful death.

Is Your Horse Being Given the Right Animal Feed?

One good indicator for measuring the health of your horse is to measure its weight. The shine of its coat, their eyes and their liveliness can also help you figure out if there is anything wrong with your pet or not. As an owner, it is your responsibility to ensure your pet’s health is taken care of at all time, especially when your business depends on it. Remember that when you do not take proper care of your horse, or do not feed it correctly, your horse would not be able to either race, carry load, or do other things that you ask of it in the best possible manner. 

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