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Posted by Nick Niesen on October 27th, 2010

Planning a Kauai wedding, especially if you do not live in the area will take a lot of patience and time. However, with the following tips it can certainly be done and done well.

Kauai Wedding Tip #1 Mail
Make a detailed list before you begin packing that outlines every possible thing you might need or want for your vacation and your wedding. Don't forget anything that cannot be purchased on Kauai or in an airport because although it is said there is overnight mail, there really is not, so don't forget your wedding dress, rings, or anything of that nature because it will take at least two days to get to you. However, if you make a detailed list then packing will be easy and you will remember everything. Having everything with you will make your wedding go much smoother and reduce your stress level and you won't have to worry about the mail.

Kauai Wedding Tip #2 Pre-Trip Fitting
Before you hop on the plane with all of your wedding wares, make sure you stop one last time at the bridal shop for a very last fitting. You want to make sure your dress is perfect, and fits perfect as well, so stopping by and having any last alterations done just before you travel to the beautiful island of Kauai will reduce the risk of the dress being too big, too small, too long, or any other number of problems that could potentially arise. Knowing your dress is perfect will make you anticipate the wedding with even more excitement as well.

Kauai Wedding Tip #3 Accessories
Remember the tips about not forgetting anything and having an additional fitting? Well, while you are on the remembering kick and at the fitting appointment you should pick up some additional pairs of stockings, garter belts, any extras that you might possibly need. The truth of the matter is that stockings frequently rip when the nervous bride is trying to put them on, so having an extra pair in the right size and color is a great option and will save any additional stress. Additional pairs of everything is not realistic, but those little things that have a high potential of breaking, ripping, or causing a last minute stress situation should be considered and planned for.

Kauai Wedding Tip #4 The Details
When booking a wedding location in Kauai make sure you ask more questions than if the location is available and how much it charges. The reason for this is you could arrive and plan on your entire wedding being pink themed and the location is a bright red. Nobody wants their wedding location to clash with their colors, so ask about the details of every location you inquire about. Then, when making your decisions you will be informed and know what to expect. Also, consider ministers, size of the location, and the like. You will be glad you paid attention to the details.

Kauai Wedding Tip #5 Tuxedos
The groom and his attendants should all rent their tuxedos in their hometown where they can be fitted and order the desired tuxedos in the right sizes with the right accessories. By taking care of this the groom and his attendants can arrive in Kauai and enjoy the pre-wedding activities knowing their tuxedo fits, has all the accessories, and is waiting for the wedding day.

Kauai Wedding Tip #6 Jet Lag
Many individuals do not allow enough time between their arrival and the actual wedding day and end up jet lagged, exhausted, and completely unable to enjoy the beauty of the island, it's many offerings, not to mention the wedding day. Weddings are stressful and busy events and jet lag only increases these elements. So, plan your arrival several days before the wedding so you can settle in, enjoy the island, handle any last minute details and rest up before the big day.

Kauai Wedding Tip #7 Relax!
The island is absolutely beautiful and a very relaxing place to be. Since the wedding day is so busy and stressful it is important for the bride and groom to slip away the day before the wedding for several hours to simply relax and enjoy being in such a fabulous location to exchange vows. The bride and groom can relax, take pleasure in the island, and really benefit from some relaxation before the big day!

Kauai Wedding Tip #8 Talk to the Minister
Before the wedding day the bride and groom should meet with the minister to make sure the minister's vows are appropriate for the wedding and convey the sentiments the bride and groom wish to convey on their wedding day. Additionally, if the bride and groom have written their own vows this is a good time to make the minister aware and go over any last details. Also, meeting the minister before the wedding will make everyone more comfortable and the ceremony more sincere.

Kauai Wedding Tip #9 Date
Remember before planning your wedding date and mailing invitations with that particular date for your Kauai wedding to have the minister, location, hotels and everything booked so you know 100% that your wedding has all the elements necessary and all are available. During the summer months, which are popular wedding months, hotels and event locations are booked up solid, so if you don't plan ahead by many months you may find yourself with a wedding planned for a specific date, but no chapel, hotel room, or anything else to accommodate the wedding or guests.

Kauai Wedding Tip #10 Packing
After you make the list of things to pack, revise the list again, and again. This way you will remember anything that might have been forgotten and will give you time to buy any of the necessities and pack them. Also, when packing, check the items off your list so you know you have them and they have been packed. This will eliminate confusion as well as the event where you unpack everything to see if you did indeed remember to pack your garter belt or not. Make a list and check it off.

There are many Kauai wedding tips, but these are just a few that will help you plan your Kauai wedding and thoroughly enjoying becoming man and wife in one of the world's most beautiful locations.

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