How to Save Money on Grocery Shopping without Sales and Coupons

Posted by amelia martin on February 25th, 2021

Saving money on grocery shopping is not easy without promotional sales and coupons. You have to spend quite some time in-store to find the right products that fit the budget. And it sounds a little unfair to spend more money to live a healthy lifestyle.

It becomes critical to saving money at every expense during financial troubles like unemployment. You are forced to live on a limited salary or apply for unemployed loans to manage the expenses. We have mentioned some tips to save money on grocery shopping without sales and coupons to your relief.

Shop the Seasonal Fruits

Melons in winters are expensive and don’t taste the same as summers. Similarly, other off-season fruits and vegetables are only bad for your budget. You can save significant money if you buy seasoned fruits to keep your diet clean from junk.

Also, the seasonal items will last longer in your refrigerator-that prevents spoilage. You can visit the local farmer’s market to get the seasonal fruits and vegetables at a lower price. Moreover, you are supporting the local community over the big stores.

Don’t Go Deep Inside the Store.

The standard layout of stores has cheaper and healthier items on the outskirts only. They save the middle section from surrounding customers with items that are either expensive or not on their list. You will find fresh and unpackaged products on the outside.

The more time you spend on the inside, the more likely you will make unnecessary purchases. Therefore, you should cut the explore time to focus on the list at hand. Visit the sections other than the outside only if you want to buy some specific items.

Buy the Frozen Products

We are not talking about the frozen fries and pizzas that do no good for your health. The frozen section also includes vegetables and fruits that are useful at times. It may be hard for you to avoid temptation while going through unhealthy shelves.

You don’t have to revisit the supermarket if you run out of fresh vegetables. Frozen food will come in handy during these times. Also, there are endless dishes, shakes, and smoothies to try with these vegetables and fruits.

BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag)

Grocery stores charge their customers for the bags based on the size of their cart. You may have to buy 3-4 bags every time you visit for the weekly or monthly shopping for the employees. Instead of paying them, you can carry your bag and save some money.

Plastic bags are incredibly harmful to the environment. There are other alternatives, but they are quite expensive. Therefore, you help yourself and the environment while carrying a bag made of cotton, bamboo, or jute.

Carry Cash

A significant reason for impulse buying is credit cards in everyone’s pocket. They allow customers to make needless purchases by providing extra cash. However, you end up paying more than the amount and with a detailed budget.

You can avoid the use of credit cards by carrying cash to the stores. Debit cards are also an alternative that allows people to use the amount they have in their accounts. Banks also provide prepaid cards if you don’t want to heavy cash in the purse.

Stock the Essentials

You will find a better deal on bulk items than individual purchases on many items on your list. It will save considerable money in the long run if you make the right decisions with the purchase. Only buy the non-perishable items in bulk to avoid wastage.

Also, keep in mind its use while buying items for everyday use. It makes no sense to buy soaps and detergent for a whole year while paper towels and toilet paper are good items to stock. Therefore, you should buy the items that are non-perishable and be consumed within the next 2-6 months.

Don’t Shop Empty Stomach.

Every eatable item looks delicious with an empty stomach. You will end up buying more than required in a state of hunger. Therefore, always eat before you visit the grocery store to fill your kitchen.

Add the items you will eat while shopping, such as chocolates, cookies, and other snacks. The situation is easily avoidable if your stomach is full.

Mix Generic with Brands

You cannot quite the brands entirely from the list as some are important because of quality and taste. However, many generics items can replace expensive items without much of a difference in their use. These include detergents and other regular use items.

The best strategy here is to get a mixed bag of branded and generic items to keep your budget in control. You can switch to some generic items to free up space for your favorite branded items.

Keep in Mind the Waste

The bin in your kitchen is an indicator of money you could have saved by smart choices. These items were not supposed to be in your cart or the same quantity. Keep track of the wasted products to limit your purchases the next time.

You don’t have to buy the bigger packs while experimenting with a new product. They may land in the waste can instead of saving a few pounds. Always start with the smallest packet available.


To sum up, these simple tips are enough to limit the spending on your grocery shopping. You can explore some more tips on the internet as many smart shoppers are ready to share their hacks. There is no need to wait for the sales and search for the coupons if you have the right tricks up the sleeve.

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