Customs clearance for Brazil Olympic export logistics

Posted by hw on February 25th, 2021

Customs clearance for Brazil's Olympic export logistics

Brazil is the country with the most complicated logistics environment and taxation environment in the world. From a logistics perspective, the local rules and miscellaneous fees are particularly high. If you don’t understand it, it’s really easy to be caught in. So many importers are here without knowing it. After paying most of the tuition fee, I became obedient. Cost is still a trivial matter. For the mission of participating in the Olympic Games, the cost is really nothing. It is the best if there is no problem. So the biggest difficulty comes, the issue of customs clearance.

The efficiency of the Brazilian Customs is well-known in the world. It really means that you will not be cleared if you don’t clear it. If you don’t care about anything, you want to meet and make a grieving statement. It’s nothing. At this time you have nothing to do except hit the wall. So this point must be paid attention to in advance. How to pay attention?


You must first make a clear list of your items, called packing list in jargon, on this list, you must fill in these factors:


Item name, number of pieces, weight, manufacturer, purchase price, product code. At the same time, explain your purpose for these items to come to Brazil. After filling in these, hand it to a reliable local customs clearance/logistics company to indicate the time you require to arrive. The rest is the logistics company's business.


Because this approach is basically a temporary customs clearance method for import and export, plus Olympic factors, it can be used to clear customs in a way that is different from general trade customs clearance. As an international logistics company that has been operating in Brazil for many years, Cns logistics has enough in this regard Experience to do these operations. Under no special circumstances, customs clearance will be completed within five days and the goods will be delivered to the address you require. You can safely complete your mission in the Olympics.

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