Amazing Ways To Retain Your Customers Using Salesforce

Posted by Consagous Technologies on February 25th, 2021

The modern era has made customers more demanding than ever. The COVID-19 pandemic made things all the more difficult in terms of financial stability and sustenance for a huge number of brands and businesses. As a result, they have gone over to collaborate with those who offer more cost-effective deals.  

There has also been a substantial increase in competition as well, due to which the retention of existing customers has become really difficult. This is exactly where customer relationship management can help out with this retention. 

One amazing CRM platform which almost everybody has heard of is Salesforce and Salesforce mobile app development is on the cusp of a new era, thanks to the loyalty it enjoys among businesses all over the world.

 But what to do when things go south even after adopting Salesforce? 

This is what we are here for! 

Customer Retention Strategies Through Salesforce 

The reason for increased customer expectations is the pace at which their preferences have been rapidly evolving, a result due to which businesses too, need to upgrade their methods and strategies to keep their existing customers hooked. 

If you are already not aware, the overall cost involved in retaining a customer is markedly less than the cost of bringing a new customer on board. Because Salesforce mobile app development services in USA have grown leaps and bounds, it is comparatively easier now to find out ways to keep customers. 

Here are some absolutely amazing ways through which customer retention can be achieved by making use of Salesforce- 

1- Central Integration of the Collected Customer Data 

Data is the backbone of any company, keeping the process ongoing to enable companies in taking legitimate action. The more you are informed about your customers, the easier it is to maintain consistent relationships with them.  

This is one of the biggest reasons why centralized data integration is pretty important. Proper knowledge about your customers also helps in formulating better retention strategies for them in the future as well. Without a doubt, Salesforce can be an amazing cloud-based data integration platform. With the transparency and availability of data, improvements can be worked upon very smoothly.

 2- Personalizing Communication with Customers 

When it comes to effective marketing strategies, personalization certainly is right there among the top ones, and Salesforce mobile app development services too can reap the benefits through such personalization. 

Through Salesforce, you can gather the most important set of customer data like the location, download history, searches, and more. Through this data, you can easily send personalized emails and messages in accordance with the customers’ usage patterns.  

Salesforce offers a lot of flexibility, where multiple tools can be integrated with Salesforce  

3- Re-Initiate Interaction with Dormant or Inactive Customers 

There are a lot of times when a particular customer entirely stops responding to your calls and emails, bringing a feeling of despair that they are now gone. As you are already aware now, retaining is less costly than acquiring a new one.  

It’s not that difficult to engage a customer again. If you keep a track of how frequently a customer requires follow-ups, it’s going to be easier to keep constant engagement. Constant monitoring of customer touchpoints through efficient documentation in Salesforce will help in keeping things in check for sure. 

4- Being Socially Active 

With so many social media platforms showing their usability in varying aspects, it becomes pretty difficult to ensure the same level of responsiveness on every platform separately. Through the help of Salesforce though, you get to manage all your social media profiles from a single platform, making your business socially very active. 

Customer queries get sorted out easily, which, for them, is nothing but better customer service, which further paves the way to brand loyalty.  

Believe it or not, retention is very important 

Yes, getting new customers is important, but it’s not feasible in the long-run. Keeping things running will have to include the retention of customers, and Salesforce is the best tool to make that happen.  

Consagous Technologies is a company providing quality Salesforce mobile app development services in USA for more than a decade, which is a huge deal!


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