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Prayer Retreats: Preparing for One

Posted by dawson12 on March 10th, 2015

Attending a prayer retreat is an awesome experience; there is no doubt about it. But, to get the most from a session, you should know how to prepare well. Here are some simple and effective suggestions for you to ponder upon.

Getting the most from prayer retreats

Do the following to get the most from the prayer retreat you plan to attend.

     1.       Start at home

Understand that no change happens overnight. If you want to gain something from the retreat you plan to attend, prepare yourself at home. Make everything alright; address the issues of morality and legality in your life and profession. If you don’t take the effort to physically change before expecting a mental transformation, you will never gain anything from a retreat. As experts always say, change starts from within.

     2.       Gather information on the retreat

You decided upon a location and have an idea of the kinds of retreats organized in the facility. Be aware of the theme for the one you plan to attend. Read expert blogs and other publications on the topics the retreat promises to cover. This will help you prepare well for it.

     3.       Disconnect yourself from the outside world

This advice may sound repetitive. But, one can never underestimate its significance. Remember, you are in a retreat center to spend some time with God in silence. The facility to get connected to the world at the touch of a button is going to defeat the purpose of your journey.

     4.       Let the addiction die gradually

One has to face the truth; almost everyone is addicted to technology. If your choice facility is a place where mobile phones are allowed, you are going to experience an inner struggle; between your addiction and your conscious mind. The practical approach is to use up your phone until it dies down before the retreat. Keep the dead thing next to you and the charger beyond your reach.

     5.       Pray for wisdom

This is something you should do from the time you plan to attend a retreat. Every congregation will have its own proven ways to do the same. Enquire about it and do it. Set aside a few minutes on a daily basis in prayer. Reading scriptures too would help you a lot in this direction.

     6.       Try to relax

Come with an open mind to experience the love of God. You had been preparing for the same for a long time. Trust that God will give you the blessings you need.

     7.       Fast at regular intervals

People generally fast at times before going for a retreat. This does not mean to say that you should starve yourself. Just a healthy diet without your harmful favorites will work wonders.

You should also cultivate a habit of reflecting on your activities at the end of the day. Going for a walk in a tranquil environment will help you focus your thoughts on yourself. The process will assist in your efforts to relax and concentrate during your time in a retreat center.

Prepare well and get the most from the prayer retreats you may attend at regular intervals. Visit and register for some of the retreats or educational programs. To find out more click here

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