How to get a student visa for Canada

Posted by Titanium Immigration Services Inc. on February 25th, 2021

Thousands of foreign students throng Canadian educational and professional institutes as they are academically good and it is easier to apply a student visa for Canada as compared to US or UK. Canada is an immigration friendly country where you will find students from all over the world taking professional, vocational and academic courses.

Although, applying for a student visa for Canada is easier than many other countries like US and UK, still there are formalities and documents that you need to complete in order to get your Canada student visa. There are several steps that come before you actually get your visa.

Application for student visa for Canada

All foreign students who want to study in Canada are required to apply for a student visa. There are certain formalities that are required to be fulfilled before they can get a visa.

Letter of acceptance from a designated learning institute of Canada:

All those students who wish to study in Canada are required to get enrolled into any of the designated learning institute. After the student passes the required examinations like IELTS and others that the institute may feel deemed fit, the institute will issue a letter of acceptance to the candidate which he shall carry at the time of arrival

Getting temporary resident visa:

All foreign students who wish to study in Canada and have received their letter of acceptance from their designated learning institute can apply to get a temporary resident visa in Canada. This is a must for all students before they can get their student visa in Canada.

Application for study permit in Canada:

After students get their study permit at the airport from immigration authorities after they present their documents, letter of acceptance and other valid papers to the authorities. At the airport, students are required to fill an application for the issue of study permit, which the authorities grant if all the documents and necessary papers are in place.

Documents required to Canadian student visa

Hereunder is a list of documents required to get Canadian student visa:

Valid passport:

All foreign students who wish to study in Canada should have a valid passport for the time duration that he is to stay. For example, if a student has enrolled for a two-year course, then his passport should be valid for 2 years from the day he enters Canada.

Proof of acceptance by a designated learning institution:

The student applying for a student visa for Canada should have a letter of acceptance from the college, university or professional institution that he has enrolled. This designated institute of learning should be one which is recognized by the immigration department.

Proof of funds:

Any person applying for a student visa should have proof to show that he has sufficient funds to pay for the course fee and cover his living expenses.

Statement of purpose:

When applying for the study permit, you will be asked to write an essay on the purpose of your choosing the particular institution and why you have chosen the same.

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