Extra Hard Court Energy from Basketball Snacks

Posted by cetwin on March 10th, 2015

When an NBA referee was asked, what’s the difference between an offensive foul and a defensive foul he has this to say: “Well, it all depends on who got to the spot first.”

Basketball is a game of various attributes. Developing and improving each one will give you the edge in the competition.

Winning Attributes

1. Winning Mental Attitude

The winning mental attitude starts from the heart. It influences the mind which in turn instructs the rest of the body to move and function accordingly. The greatest performances on the hard court where borne from hearts that never gave up, those that never stopped convincing the rest of the body that they’re not yet tired.

2. Exemplary Basketball Skills

Exemplary basketball skills results from the dynamic relationship between the coach and his players. The greatest team performances in basketball games are rooted from the coach’s deep understanding of his players and the players’ unquestioning trust to their coach.

3. High Performance Basketball Nutrition

The combination of “Skill” and “Will” will create winning possibilities but ultimately, it’s the human machine that will carry out the plays and win the games.

For this, 110 Athletics Sports Nutrition is here to fuel that machine but instead of petrol, they are talking about basketball snacks.

Basketball players need at least 2.7 grams of carbohydrates, .08 grams of protein and .45 grams of fat per pound of bodyweight.

This amount of carbohydrates is needed to provide energy for their games and workouts.

This amount of proteins is important to provide the building blocks for muscle repair and muscle strengthening.

And, these right kinds of fats are required to support all the body functions and systems.

Most of these proteins, carbs and fats will come from your day’s meals.

However, not all meals are perfect. So, some meals will have to come in the form of sport wafers that will contain all the proteins, carbs and fats in their right proportions that are specifically designed to meet your sport’s nutritional requirements.

110 Basketball Wafers

Whether your kid is a recreational player, a school athlete or a pee wee basketball player, nutrition companies like 110 Athletics take your kid’s game as seriously as they do.

That’s why they take it upon themselves to prepare your most nutritional basketball snack; 110 Basketball Wafers.

110 Basketball Wafers come in boxes of 6 nutritional packs. Each pack contains 9 grams of muscle-strengthening protein, 37 grams of energizing carbohydrates and 5 grams of body-regulating fats.

Good sports nutrition is a must for athletes of all ages. 110 Basketball Wafers are fun kids snacks that your young athlete will truly enjoy.

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