How To Be Productive In Life And Why compassion And Self-love Needs?

Posted by LouisWillis on February 25th, 2021

 how to be productive in life

Self-love and compassion are not words we would commonly use in connection with productivity, performance or success. Today, however, we already have the data for how to be productive efficiency in life.

Find the causes and How to be productive in life

Women are self-critical and men blame others

We humans, whether we are entrepreneurs by profession or mothers in kindergarten at this time, often have a tendency to self-criticism. I have even often heard that self-criticism is healthy. That it is the key to how to be productive in life. But the truth cannot be further.

Self-criticism does not push us to higher performance or help us adhere to higher standards. On the contrary, research shows that criticism is very similar to self-sabotage and actually hurts our performance, productivity and health. In addition, we can observe 2 main directions within gender:

* Women tend to be highly self-critical, blaming themselves when they fail, and attributing their success to others.
* Men, on the other hand, more often, if they fail, blame the circumstances, and if they succeed, they attribute victory to themselves.

Whether you are a man or a woman, compassion and self-love are one of the keys to easier coping with everyday stress and at the same time they are the key to mental resilience.

Examples where self-criticism sabotages us according to science

* it directs our attention to what is wrong with us, and thus lowers our self-confidence
* intensifies our fear of failure, which increases our tendency to procrastinate
* we learn less from mistakes, because the mistake was made by others (men), or I have a tendency to blame (women)

If you want to learn more about compassion, consider a book by Dr. Kristin Neff Self-Compassion. Kristin is an Associate Professor at the University of Texas at Austin in the Department of Educational Psychology. Kristin defined compassion as treating herself as a friend even in times of failure or pain. In other words, deal with yourself with greater understanding and kindness.

Compassion does not mean being too lenient, but it also does not mean that you will fight unnecessarily.

How does self-love and compassion help, according to research?

* increases motivation and our will
* improves our decision-making
* increases our resilience in the face of failure
* it improves our emotional intelligence and thus improves our relationships
* reduces stress levels
* increases mental well-being and thus reduces the feeling of anxiety and depression
* and all this, of course, improves our health

However, learning to speak nicely, cultivate self-love and compassion does not happen overnight. Let's talk about a few empirically proven ways to achieve this:

Pay attention to your self-talk

how to be productive in life

Start noticing your self-talk, especially in times of failure, as it is often the most noticeable there. When you hear her, try to replace her with compassion for yourself. For example, instead of saying "how could I do / allow it, I'm such an idiot," you might say, "I could have done better, but I'm learning. I'm on my way. Next time I'll be wiser and do better. "

Or you can think about how you would react if someone close to your heart made the same mistake instead of you. If your child or a person you loved stood in your place, what would you tell them? Are you an idiot? Probably not, right?

Create a self-loving phrase

Create a mantra or phrase that you will constantly play. Eventually, you get to a stage where it starts automatically every time you find yourself in difficult life situations. Thanks to this, you will calm down and you can also deal with them with a cool head.

Apply daily gratitude

Keep a diary of gratitude and write in it every day at least five things you are grateful for. And although it sounds too simple, the key here is not to leave this exercise until you have experienced that gratitude really emotionally. So if you want to increase your gratitude, but also your compassion, at the end of each day, write down five things for which you feel grateful, but also spice it up with five positive qualities that you perceive.

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