Fuel Long Soccer Matches with Soccer Snacks

Posted by cetwin on March 10th, 2015

90 minutes of play, 57,564 square feet of field to cover and 10 players to outrun, these are the things a soccer player has to contend with.

Now, can you imagine how much it takes to win a soccer game or even just to complete one?

A soccer players needs to supply his body with 3 grams of carbohydrate, .8 grams of protein and .4 grams of fat for every pound of body weight to be able to sustain his workouts, play the game and improve from them.

Have you ever wondered why soccer is such a low scoring game where a 1 to nothing lead can very much spell out the ending of the game?

Soccer players are highly disciplined athletes who take care of their nutritional needs so they can perform their best and last for 90 minutes at full speed to defend their goal

Who will score that winning goal?

The player, who has more energy to go 110% while others can only go less, will eventually be too fast for everyone else to get to, giving him the chance to challenge the goalie one on one and make the winning goal.

The soccer star player plays it smart and understands that his determination can only push his body to its limit and so, he fuels it with healthy soccer snacks so he can go on and on when others can longer keep up, even if they wanted to.

Where can we get the extra energy?

The most useful sports aid is a sport bar but, not all sports bars and wafers are equal.

There are muscle building bars and there are diet bars.

110 Athletics Sports Nutrition provides sport-specific energy wafers that are healthy snacks for athletes.

These are the finest youth sports snacks that a soccer player can take before the game or workout to supply him with useful energy, something he can munch during half time or, on any occasion in soccer workouts whenever his energy level drops.

It comes in boxes of 6 bags where each bag can give you 41 grams of carbs/energy, 6 grams of protein and 5 grams of fat. This nutritional profile is specific for soccer games and workouts that cause the player to deplete his energy supply.

Remember, soccer players, unlike other team athletes are not allowed to go out for a break and get back in to the game. So if your kid is part of the starting line-up, he’ll probably be playing the whole 90 minutes. And if he’s are a striker, he’ll be running the whole length of the field, front and back and playing offense and defense.

The only way a soccer player can last, play and enjoy the game is to have with him ready to eat 110 Soccer Wa

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