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Posted by CesarMuler on March 10th, 2015

If you are planning to install automated electric gates for your property then BFT may just have what you need. Starting from gate motors, to automated doors to garage doors, they have it all in store for you. And, there are a number of benefits of getting your door automated by them. They offer a range of innovative products which are reliable and come with dynamic and flexible usage. They understand the requirements of the installers and supply the products accordingly - keeping in mind the changing needs of the installers. They offer bespoke solutions to their valued clients including both commercial and residential installers. They invest enough in research and development projects to offer only what are the best and latest in automated gates and motors.

BFT – the name you can rely on
They have been in the industry for more than 30 years and they bring with them the experience of serving their clients with reliable and innovative products. This is an Italian firm which uses safe technologies to ensure that their automated doors are graded amongst the best in the market. Their products come with the precision and functionality of 24V which implies that you get accurately controlled doors and gate motors, electronic detection of obstructions which makes it easier for the gates to change their movements and efficient as well as consistent performance even when they are in continuous usage. This also ensures that any kind of electrical hazards are averted as the gates are able to detect power failure or changes in power supply and switch to back up batteries when required. 

Not just this, the gates are also designed with microprocessor technology, which means that their operations can be duplicated with the help of codes. The MITTO remote controls can be cloned and the primary remote control can pass on the operations to the secondary remote control. BFT manufactures Eco Sol gates that are solar power enabled and work on low voltage conditions. This also means that the installation costs are lowered and so is the need to do ground or building work.

BFT automated doors and gate motors are also enabled with rolling code which is a safe transmission system. This is used by the transmitters designed by BFT to secure the gates against any kind of external violation. When a transmitter key is pressed, a unique code is sent to the control unit. This code is received by the decoder as a one-time code and is accepted only once. This is how the duplication of the secure code is avoided.

There are different kinds of BFT products that you can purchase online for your automated door installation. You can take a look at the range of products and their prices in their website which has detailed information about these products which includes different kinds of door automations, gate motors and garage doors. The technology that is used by them ensures that they are able to offer both safety and reliability in all the products offered by them. Cost effective, easy to install and low on power consumption – these gate automation products are ideal for the kind of solutions that is sought by modern homeowners.

For innovative and secure gate automation products BFT is the name to rely on which also offers gate motors for your automated doors.

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