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Posted by CesarMuler on March 10th, 2015

The most easy and convenient way to protect your house and property is by installation of gates. An excellent gate is a classic solution to prevent unwarranted intrusion. For choosing the best gate to protect your property you have to plan step by step. Remember, a wide and heavy metal gate can become inconvenient if it has to be manually operated. An automated gate is the best solution if you want convenience and ease of operation. FAAC has introduced various modern gates as well as garage doors with interconnected alarm systems to ensure better security. The main component of such gates is a gate motor that controls the operations.

Automated metal gates add special beauty and charm when installed in corporate premises. Use of such electric gates is equally preferred for domestic purpose and look good on the front entrance. The automatic sensors and installers at the gates do not need any guard to operate them. You can install CCTV camera to keep a strong surveillance over the entrance. FAAC is one of the most well-renowned brands that that have been in this field for many decades. They were the pioneers in designing gates that run on hydraulic gate motors.

While planning to install a gate you have to do a bit of research. The width and the space around the driveways should guide you to choose the correct type of gate for your house. If the driveway is very wide then you need strong gate motors to handle the weight and the strain of the gate movement. Sliding doors are great space savers and also if the driveway is on an incline. Certain designs also have motors that send off an alarm in case the gate is left open. FAAC is renowned in making over-the-door gates and swing gates, gear motors and various other automated door systems and access controls.

In case of sliding gates, you require tough sliding wheels for handling continuous opening and closing of the gate. These are preferred in large commercial premises. The hydraulic gate motors required for heavy duty are pretty expensive and are mostly used in business establishments. Smaller domestic gates work on electromechanical motors that are efficient but much economic. Set in 1965, FAAC has equipped itself to offer both types of motors to serve the demands of both economic as well as intensive use of automated gates.

You will get different designs of automatic gates on the website of the company. But ensure to contact an experienced professional for the installation of the gate. You can also buy the DIY installation kit if you are well conversant with the installation process. These electric gates offer the advantages of full control of the operation through a single-tough button. FAAC ensures that all its designs pass through proper quality checks and only the best reach you. Their gate motors are robust to work in any condition and draw minimum power to keep your running cost low. Some also have a battery backup. Continuous innovation in the company has led to the development of SAFEcoder which when attached an existing gate provides better control and higher protection.

Keep your house safe and secured with automated gates that run on strong and efficient gate motors. A pioneer in the field of electric gates is FAAC which has many decades of experience.

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