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Posted by tanyahushe47 on March 11th, 2015

Reading opens the dark recesses of one’s mind. Reading and learning go side by side. It leads to the development of a person in many ways. Great emphasis is given to reading during the school days and those who read are more bright and sharp than those who do not.

One who develops the habit of reading is able to comprehend many different things and in a better way as well. In recent years or so, many apps online can be seen that can be used by the children and students to develop their reading and comprehension skills respectively. But the best online provider of Reading apps is Snap-teach, which has been tried and tested by many people across the world.

If you are looking for interactive and intuitive reading apps to develop literacy and learning for your child, then do visit the online website of Snap-Chat respectively. The educational apps available here are perfect for your child’s needs and he will enjoy learning as well. The team at Snap-Teach has developed reading comprehension apps through thorough research keeping the instructional interventions in mind.

It happens that parents may feel that their child is slow in learning or comprehension. But through Snap-Chat apps their worries can end and they are assured of positive learning from their child through the reading comprehension apps for sure. There are many benefits of using the apps that are provided, as they comprise of interesting features for the students.

The features are mentioned below.

  • Easy to use and child-friendly interface
  • In-depth images.
  • Seventy non-fiction stories
  • Huge collection of different types of questions that include true/false questions, multiple choice questions and matching as well.
  • Ability to create own stories and passages
  • Ability to compose own assessment questions
  • Different modes: Practice and Testing
  • Detailed reading comprehensive report for every child
  • The ease of syncing content on multiple iPads
  • Presence of app-enabled reader that enables the students to view text as they hear it
  • Child’s progress can be tracked through separate user accounts
  • Zoom in and Zoom out features can help to vary text and the image size according to one’s preferences.

Description of two modes

  1. Practice Mode: This mode provides students with quick feedback. The audio and visual cues provide the students with positive reinforcements as they answer the questions correctly. Moreover, instant feedback enables the students to reflect and correct if they answer incorrectly as well.
  2. Test Mode: This mode prepares students for the genuine testing situations that require them to assess the questions carefully.

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