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Posted by daviddon on March 11th, 2015

There is a common rule of thumb when it arrives to auto mechanics servicing: pay less for routine aircon services or pay a lot more for main repair. This is very real for your air conditioning unit. A lot of us avoid the value of routine air conditioning servicing, only to realize that we want a major repair when the aircon system is not running anymore. If you do not service your system continuously, you will realize very uncomfortable when it stops all of a sudden, and get yourself broke too!

An aircon system is a very complex system for you to tidy it by yourself. It is engineered to withstand all kinds of abuse and keep on running. Sometimes, we just forget that it will break down a few days if we never maintain it appropriately. An aircon unit without general maintenance will cause your electric bill to go up crucially. Without general maintenance, your system will lose about 5% of its real efficiency each year. However, analysis has shown that with general servicing, your aircon system will maintain up to 95% of its real efficiency. This means that the price of your monthly electric bill will go down as your system will not require to use more energy to make cool air and blow it.

A great aircon servicing should add cleaning of the blowers and fan coils, testing the compressor, oiling the fan motors, as well as the test system operating temperatures and pressures.

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