Electrostatic Sprayer Disinfection

Posted by Brogaard Carstensen on February 25th, 2021

The Atlanta office cleaning services firm has just launched electrostatic sprayer disinfection services for companies, businesses, and retail outlets in the greater Atlanta area. Electrostatic sprayers are a non-chemical, safe, contact-free method of distributing liquid disinfectant on a large or small surface by engulfing all parts, shadowed surfaces, vertical and horizontal spaces, in order to cover large and little spaces efficiently and safely. battery powered sprayer Electrostatic sprayers are often the best method to eliminate a large amount of potentially hazardous germs, bacteria, mold, viruses, as well as other microorganisms. Disinfection is an essential function of any type of sanitation process. It is essential to prevent the spread of diseases, including serious ones like the human papilloma virus and hepatitis B, which are capable of causing major health problems. It is also used in order to treat water and waste water from sources that contain dangerous chemicals. Electrostatic technology has evolved to the point where it can effectively kill many types of microorganisms with the minimum amount of toxic emissions. This is achieved by applying an electric current to the surfaces that are to be disinfected. The current is created by an electrode that attracts particles to it, causing them to flow along the electrode and into the collection container. The electrostatic system will then discharge the collected particles on the surface that needs to be disinfected. This is achieved by electrostatic spraying. Electrostatic technology is used extensively in many areas of the healthcare industry. The purpose of this technology is to kill bacteria and viruses by causing them to react chemically with their environment, causing them to disintegrate or stop spreading. This is done using a solution that is usually placed on the surface that needs to be disinfected. This solution is designed to penetrate the surface of the surface and work to destroy the bacteria and viruses, leaving behind a non-reactive residue. Liquid disinfectants are typically sprayed in areas that are frequented by the public. These areas include food preparation rooms, restrooms, medical areas, janitorial areas, public showers, bathrooms, public buildings, and other similar areas that are commonly frequented by a lot of people. Electrostatic sprays are also used in industrial settings. This includes industries that use chemicals to manufacture products and that have to be disposed of after use. In high volume environments, this system is particularly effective. These include industries where there are a lot of spills being made and the area of application may include large amounts of liquids. If the spill happens to be large enough, the particles can enter the collection container through the container's ventilation system. This will then cause the system to discharge the liquid directly on the flooring, walls, or other surfaces in order to kill the bacteria and viruses and disinfect them. Electrostatic systems work well for areas where there are a lot of potential risks, such as hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, or private homes. They do not produce a lot of fumes and are extremely low cost. Electrostatic systems are a great option for companies that have a need to disinfect a large area. They are relatively inexpensive and require very little maintenance.

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