Why You Should Take Hadoop Training in Bangalore?

Posted by dunitzsantrino on March 12th, 2015

Hadoop is an open source framework which is based on the programming language, Java. It allows easy and parallel processing of huge volumes of data distributed across economic, industry level servers. The software enables users to execute application on the systems which have innumerable nodes involving countless number of terabytes. The file system of the software is distributed, which means the rate of data transfer between the nodes is very fast. This feature also allows the system to keep operating smoothly even if a single node fails. Therefore, even the simultaneous failure of multiple nodes can be handled by the system.

The basic idea behind Hadoop came from the tech giant, Google. They created an innovative method of processing large volumes of data known as MapReduce. Mike Cafarella and Doug Cutting used these ideas to create an open source software that would turn out to be immensely successful in handling the avalanche called Big Data. Hadoop training in India has become a real craze these days.

The software is capable of handling data from varied sources and systems. The data could vary from structured data, pictures, unstructured data, audio files, log files, communications records ,etc. This totally unrelated data could be stored in isolated systems and one could still process it using the Hadoop clusters. Hadoop uses data structures that are redundant internally, thereby reducing the costs of storing huge data sets considerably. The major advantages of Hadoop are its cost effectiveness, its ability to store immensely large volumes of data, the scalability it offers and the flexibility of data storage. All these advantages are motivating more and more people take up Hadoop training in India.

Data Analytics is one of the most in demand jobs of this century. Software professionals, SQL developers, ETL developers, database administrators, project managers, analytics professionals, testers can all build a career in Big Data with the help of their knowledge in Hadoop. There are numerous organizations and companies offering Hadoop training in Bangalore. The prerequisite for taking up a course in Hadoop include basic programming skills, SQL and an analytical mindset. The institutes often offer a complimentary course on the essentials of Java along with the main Hadoop course.

Teaching the various concepts of MapReduce and the distributed file system of Hadoop is the fundamental objective of the institutes offering Hadoop training in Bangalore and the rest of India. Through these courses one can learn about the architecture of Hadoop and to set up a cluster. These courses teach data loading techniques and to program on MapReduce. Students will be taught to use Pig and Hive to analyze data sets. Often, the students are allowed to work on a real life Hadoop project. These projects involve performing data analysis on various data sets like Twitter data, data from NYC and the government.

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