Repairing Electronic Circuit Boards Could Be Cheaper than Replacing

Posted by ppaelectronics on March 12th, 2015

Summary: This Article describes about electronic circuit board and companies who repair and manufacture such board and how it could save you money and time by repairing those boards.

Modern society is more controlled and managed by technology. Our life is more controlled by the usage of electronic devices and appliances. Electronic appliances perform lot of routine tasks on a daily basis on our behalf and have a significant role to play in our daily life. We use television for entertainment, Microwave for cooking, Computer for office work, and other devices for various purposes, but have you ever thought what is the main component that gives instruction to these devices to operate? Well it’s the circuit board installed in the devices which command the system to perform various functions and keep co ordination among other components. A circuit board is the main unit in any electrical devices and quietly costly in the market. If a circuit board starts malfunctioning then you may repair it other than replace it with a new one. Repairing will save you up to 85% compare to a new purchase.

There are companies who will service and repair your circuit board within 7 days. Companies have professional certified technician who will repair your board and provide you warranty for their work. One can simply fill up a form online and get in touch with this type of companies. You need to provide some information about the board before you ask for a free quotation for repairing charges. You can upload a picture of your board, details about company make, age and type of the device and malfunctioning symptoms you have noticed. This much information will get you an accurate quote from the service provider to compare with others before you ship your board to their address for repairing. Most companies deliver the repaired board to customer’s doorstep within 7 days after receiving the work order and also provide shipment insurance for the safety of the product.

Repaired board arrives at customer’s doorstep with limited period warranty of twelve months which ensures that the board is free from defect in craftsmanship and materials used are in order in normal conditions. After repairing if it is noticed that the board is not functioning properly then you can call up the servicing company and they will guide you as there could be an installation or configuration issue with the device. The warranty will be considered invalid if there is any physical damage or the product is burnt or mishandling by others and in such cases company won’t be liable for any compensation.

Manufacturer printed circuit board are used by every electrical gadgets manufacturing companies and widely popular worldwide in electronic industry as that’s the main component. If you found your board faulty then before replacing you may consult with a technician who will save you time and money both. We are manufacturing printed circuit board that repairable and durable in nature which is also pocket friendly from investment point of view.

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