Is it good etiquette to include a gift registry in a wedding invite ?

Posted by yasas on August 15th, 2010

Long ago newly married couples needed wedding gifts to use their household.With the time, situation has been changed.Today many couples built up their households before they marry. Finally they feel that they need more stuff.At that stage the most common question every one of them ask "How do we let our guests to know that we'd prefer money rather than gifts ?" And there?s nothing wrong in it.Because they pay for their wedding by themselves whether the guests give them money or not.It just like they asking from the guests to help them. So what is the polite way to do this ?

Though some couples use various creative ways to ask for gifts and money on their wedding invitation it?s kind of rude thing to do.Wedding gift or any kind of thing like that should not be mention on your wedding invitation and shouldn?t be send with wedding invitation.Because first you need to assure that the guest will attend to your wedding.Wedding invite should be simply about conveying the relevant person that you like him to be there at your very special moment.

?              Then you will ask me ?So how do we let our guests know ??

Most guests will ask the about your registry information.Then you can easily answer them that they are at wedding registry.There are many different places for you to register for wedding gifts.Though there are so many different kind of places you should remember to register in one of them at-least three to six months before the wedding.And remember all the gifts you needed are selected for you registry before it goes to any relative.But you can add items to your registry later too.

?              What are the items do we need to register and how many ?

There will be guests who thinks that giving money is tacky or uncomfortable.So it would be better there is wedding registry. It?s very important to register for gifts that include range of prices.There will be guests who have various budgets for gifts.Consider the items you already have and items you need.Make a list of items that you need really and items that would be nice to have.And always keep in mind the number of gifts you selected with the number of invitations you?re sending.

?              How we can tell our guests that we have registered  ?

Remember it is not a good etiquette to include a gift registry in a wedding invitation.There are many other ways you can do it.But it all right to put a note about couple?s registry in wedding invitation.And any one from the bride and groom families can tell to any one who asked about the wedding,that where is couple registered at.If there is any website which includes your wedding information (Many modern couples are do so) there?s nothing wrong in putting the link of that website in your wedding invitation.

Finally it is all right to let your guests to know about your wedding registry, but never include it in your wedding invitation.



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