What is meant by Cork Glue down Tile?

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Cork glue down tile is a way of gluing tiles on the floor.  There is a specialglue that is used in the process. There are tiles that are fixed on the ground using glue. They have been made in that way and are referred to as cork glue down tile.They come in different shapes and sizes. The patterns are also different from each other. They are also made from the bark of the oak tree hence very durable, and the materials are renewable. They are the new products that are being introduced in the market. They have different colors, but the most preferred color is the green color. This is because the green color gives the floor a natural look. In the installation process, one can use any design in placing them and the final product will be great when all the steps have been followed.  Dents and cracks are hard to be seen when the installation is done in the right way.

How to Install Cork Underlayment

The manufacturers have instructions that they provide to the people who purchase their products so that they can achieve the best results. They give the instructions to avoid any complaints that can arise when one does the wrong work.

There are various steps that are used toinstall cork underlayment. They are very easy to install when one have all the materials and tools to make the work very easy and fast. One needs to read the instructions very carefully before installing cork underlayment. The surface must be cleaned thoroughly and dried before starting the actual work. Cleaning is done to remove the contaminations that may be on the floor. Repairs should be done on the floor to make the floor to level. Later, an isolation floor is created. This isolation floor is created so that there can be a space between the tiles and the underlayment. Later cut the cork into the desired shape and length so that is can fit the surface. Lay the cork on the area that has been cleaned a bit loose.

Make sure that there is no end that curls. Straighten them so that they can be in a level position. Making sure that the ends do not curl helps bacteria and fungi not to find a place where they can thrive from. The material laid loosely is later pulled back where one applies the antibacterial and antifungal to help in the prevention. Later one returns the material that you had pulled back in every part of the floor so that it can be leveled. Stick it properly using a smoothing tool so that no dirt can go underneath. Make sure that there are no loose ends in the entire floor. This makes the tiles to become durable and look great.  This is done before the tiles are placed. When the floor has dried well, and the cork underlayment is completed the tiles are later placed on it.

As an eco-friendly product, the option to install cork underlayment is getting popular in lots of homes. Installing cork underlayment an alternative source and once a shrub is placed; its debris can stay forgenerations.

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