How to Order Furniture Directly From the Manufacturers in Miami

Posted by Premium Furniture Mattress on February 26th, 2021

Buying furniture direct from manufacturers is a better option that going to furniture store in the market. It has several benefits including cost reduction and rewards. It may take about 8 to 12 weeks to get your order delivered by either a retailer or you get it custom ordered from the makers. You will save money by ordering them from Miami furniture direct, so it will be a better choice of source for your purchase.

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Here in few lines we will tell you how to order furniture direct from manufacturers.

  1. Consult with local dealer

Go to the nearest retailer and locate the furniture you want. Check the label for details and also note down the manufacturer and the SKU number of the furniture items. You will find the detail card inserted in a plastic sleeve attached to the furniture.

  1. Search the Internet

Check country magazines and internet and look at the back of the magazine covers or filter websites by the description. You will mainly look for furniture brokers who sell furniture at discounted rates. Call 2 or 3 of them to check the price. Ask them the shipping cost from each quote you request to make a price comparison. Verify the details like height, weight and dimensions for the furniture piece. Also check the shipping charges from the local freight hauler so as to make sure that the furniture seller is not quoting low price because he has added it to the shipping cost.

  1. Call furniture broker

Call the wholesaler or broker again and confer with him about the terms of shipment. How much down payment is required and how the final payment will be made etc. Furniture stores Miami FL mostly ask for a 50% down payment but some will agree for a 25% down payment and collect the rest at delivery or COD. Also check with them about who will take responsibility if the furniture is damaged during transit or handling. And what compensation will you get in such events.

  1. Be at home to receive delivery

When the consignment arrives make sure that you are present at home. Usually they will call you and inform you 24 h hours in advance. They strategically map out delivery points and accordingly deliver packages. If you are not there to receive the furniture they may take it back and restock it. it will take another 8-12 weeks to get the furniture back and you will have to pay for the restocking time.


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