Best 5 Best Costly Vape Mods In 2021

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As vapes rise in acceptance thus develops the need for greater expensive vape mods, simply the best box mods, many flavors and also other private additions that can even grow up to the amount of a social status symbol.

However, what makes those products so exclusive that people are eager to pay hundreds of bucks merely to obtain their hands on them?

Let us look at a number of of the absolute most deluxe mods on the sector, designed and manufactured for those that like to vape only the most useful vapes  Strawberry cough cartridge .

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We start our list using a ridiculously costly vape pen. As a matter of truth, it is difficult to establish whether this is just a vape or a piece of jewelry. Despite the fact it is not a vape mod, yet this particular piece of art justifies to open up our graph of the costliest vape mods and vaping apparatus people use.

Even a Russian billionaire decided to shock with his girl friend using a single mod and also commissioned UK Shisha sticks to construct a £ 887 000,'' diamond-encrusted gift.

It looks like in regards to love, as more than a few individuals are all set to let tens of thousands of tens of thousands of dollars simply vaporize.

Number 2 9,000 SX350J Dual 18650 from Magic Valley Vapors
There are not any limits when it comes to 3D printing, and also the optimal/optimally method to confirm this is by simply printing a 109,000 vape mod.

Designed and produced by way of a New York corporation, this remarkable item of technology is intended to make use of 22mm excess fat Daddy Vapes 5-10 connector in addition to Veritable 22mm 5 10.

Yihicigars SX350J mini circuit board is run by dual 18650 batteries, rechargeable using miniature USB port.

#3 ,000 Mod by Leading earners
TI 26650 top hat -- that name of a miracle from Tennessee that expenses including a good used car. This device goes in various colors combined with timber. Titanium framework may make it look gorgeous along with the comfort totally well worth this price.

Vape mode PROTOTYPE p 2 with Fitting Drip by Top'd Mods is insanely expensive and fees only £ 7999.99. Much regardless of the simple fact this device is supplied within the unique wood bunch exactly the price bites.
Other products through this company change within their prices by £ 50 to thousands!

Number 4 ,000 Otto Carter
Whenever the Texan firearms engraver actions himself together with crafting unique vape mods, the result is just a totally hand-chiseled slice of artwork.

Otto Carter produces mods using stainless and brass steel and decorates the surface with most designs that are amazing. Each of Otto designs prices between £ 1000 and 00 only as a result of its artistic value.

Number 5 2,500 Gepetto E Lite V 2
Polish mod designer and manufacturer Gepetto was one of those earliest that released hand-made, customized vape mods, also turned into an inspiration for most folks to begin their own production.

E lite v-2 extends with just a little under 00nonetheless, since those mods are unique, it's truly difficult to see them on the market so bidding wars regularly raise the price of one unit up to ,000-,000. E-lite v 2 has been crafted from handmade timber , with a stainless steel canister conducting through.

Routine Luxury-class

Vicious Ant is one of the absolute most famed mod companies in the world. They design and create handmade exceptional vaping gear using various materials from throughout the planet.

If it comes to price, Duke SX has turned into really the most affordable one of these unbelievable expensive mods, with the price collection at approximately 0. Equipped with SX350J v-2 chip-set, Duke SX features flexible shooting mods and lots of security options to make sure the consumer has gone going of the harm's way.

It is great to realize how resourceful people can be, and how astonishing design features are available for people that have heavy pockets and fat pockets.

Nevertheless, the market is packed with high-end vape mods that are closer to the number of people with regular, non-billionaire source of income.

No 2 0 Boxer Mod Traditional DNA250C BF Squonk Dual 20700 with Evolv DNA250C Temperature Control with Vicious Ant Variant slender
When it comes to luxury vape mods, there's really a particular place earmarked for Variant trim by Vicious Ant. Strong ceramic casing promises longevity and elegant appearance that captures the attention of every one around. Additionally, ceramic lid makes this mod exceptionally lightweight.

Potent 250W output makes Variant slim maybe the most powerful mod on the sector, leaving the majority of its rivalry far behind. Huge LCD display permits the user to navigate by means of the settings while using two round buttons set just under the 1.3 inch OLED screen.

The price certainly depicts the luxury that this mod reflects, currently ranging approximately £ 500 , that causes it to be probably the very high priced vape mode on our list.

Variable Voltage: 2.0-8.4 Volt.
Grade 5 Titanium construction
30 Amp present output
2ohm minimal Atomizer immunity
3″ OLED Screen
High electricity output
solid titanium frame
High-quality display
It's always irritating if a new merchandise demands alterations or soldering so as to work. Variant trim has a pinned battery charger which makes choosing the correct battery marginally an adventure.
No 3 250 Boxer Mod Basic DNA250C BF Squonk Double 20700 using Evolv DNA250C Temperature Control
Powered by Evolv DNA250C processor, this product makes it possible for users full customization and control in their vaping encounter.

It will not happen frequently to obtain something with these elegant balance of usability and power. On the first look, the design is equally sleek and elegant, with only several intelligently placed necessary information.

Ergonomic design allows a strong grip, however it also makes control and personalization very enjoyable. The fundamental position is earmarked for a small TFT screen that shows all the relevant information about current ability level, battery, and settings.

The control buttons are just below the screen, and which makes the adjustment process straightforward to perform although holding the mod with 1 hand.

There's additionally a mini USB outlet through that mod joins to your battery charger, however nevertheless, it can be used to upgrade firmware as well as different applications alterations.

Perhaps among the absolute most practical features of the mod is Reverse Polarity safety which will keep safe both the product and an individual friendly. The listing of features goes far beyond what an average user will need, however, for the price of around £ 250 less is anticipated.

Technical specs:
Dimensions: Approx.: 85.4mm x 59.3mm x 39.2mm; 103g
Output Power 1W -- 200W
Output Voltage: 0.2V -- ~6.2V (dual battery configuration)
Infection range: 200 F -- 600 F
Nylon body
LED 11.52mm x 20.16millimeter Screen; eighty x 160 pixel TFT
2A USB Charging
Multiple user profiles selection
Total customization
Wide electricity range
Double battery
Upgradable applications
multi-functional screen
Little measurement
Maybe the single bad facet of this product is the fact that the dual battery is sold individually. Adding extra cash for what exactly is already an expensive vape product or service is maybe not exactly what clients want to hear once they access to the cash register.
No 4 0 Yihi Sx Mini
This mod is still simply screaming high-tech in a first glimpse, more, when it is put to use. Full-color TFT screen demonstrates multiple applications options to control energy amount, modulate style, and many other options that piece of vaping technician supplies. Double 18650 battery process may shove to 200W of energy, making among 212-572F depending on settings.

Sx Mini is equipped with all the basic safety systems that luxury mods will comprise. This implies inverse polarity protection, over heating and over charging security systems, including anty-dry burning technology that produces this mode one of the most effective when it has to do with temperatures control.

Bluetooth tech permits this mod to join to a wise apparatus as a way to upgrade computer software or change selected settings, even though the control joystick allows easy navigation throughout the menu.

The price puts Sx Mini amid medium priced high end mods, drifting approximately £ 220 , and it can be reasonable thinking about what we buy for the cost.

Large colour show
Control joystick for seamless navigation
blue tooth ready
Temp control
security systems

In Temperature Control mode immunity has to be put by hand, that might cause issues with less experienced users.
The computer software appears a bit anemic.
Facet dish has Yihi owner's name printed out, which is kind of strange point todo.
#5 190 Asvape Lucifer
The very first issue grabs the eye once it regards this mode is its design. Lovely wood stabilizer with brass stainless inserts indicates the layout team succeeded to put together operation, ergonomics, and aesthetics.

The power of 240W stems out of two bolts and the amount of unleashed strength is entirely flexible. The power button is a ruby-looking gem which resembles Devil's attention, which really goes with the identify with this mod. Asvape Lucifer will take upto 28mm in diameter atomizers with no over heating risk.

Coming using a price tag that orbits approximately £ 190 it's one of the reasonable priced vape mods. A DD exquisite layout to the equation along with Asvape Lucifer turns into a tempting offer you to anybody who wishes to cultivate private vape selection.

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