Kiddies Day Care Center offers programs to families for infants to preschool-age

Posted by Kiddies Daycare on February 26th, 2021

About Childcare NW Calgary

Come visit Kiddies Day Care Center near you in NW Calgary and observe how we provide the best intellectual, societal, and physical child development programs. Whereas we focus on safe childcare environments where children can walk around and learn in the care of the most experienced, capable, and nurturing staff. Childcare educators offer different programs in all Childcare NW Calgary and encourage independence and foster a love of knowledge in children. Come for a tour of the childcare facilities at Calgary North West Daycare near Me.

Why Choose Kiddies Day Care Center in Calgary?

Daycare in Calgary is nestled in the hub of a family-friendly environment learning center with several great curriculum activities. Sun-drenched and well-stocked classrooms provide accommodation above 100 children that range from infants to school-age children. Daycare in Calgary have a bright and attractive space on the top floor with beautiful views. We give chances to those who can sing, dance, and explore music regularly, can perform better in academic settings, and have a tendency to show higher self-esteem and social skills. That’s why we mull over introducing it at an early age and run different curriculum activities.

Daycare in Calgary Focuses on the Bigger Picture

We live in a competitive society where demands are continuously rising. Early childhood education at Daycare in Calgary is not just about colors, shapes, and numbers. In the long run, everyone learns these basic lessons. We all know what a square is, can count 5 or 6 objects, and spell names. But how do you hold your pencil? And many more things in life we hold our kids accountable for. Colors and shapes are the way for children to observe and categorize the world around them. Early childhood education is the key to build a kid’s independence, knowledge, enhance memory, critical thinking, and the discipline to control bodies and emotions.

A Unique Learning Curriculum Program in Childcare NW Calgary is ready to serve you!

  • Literacy Experiences
  • Creative Activities
  • Physical Activities
  • Interactive Music Session
  • Child Development
  • Healthy Food
  • Science and Nature
  • Inter-Curricular Programs
  • Puzzle & Manipulates

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