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Posted by Rashmi Dey on February 26th, 2021

Although many people prefer to invest in mutual funds as they find it is one of the finest ways to achieve high returns with minimum risks, only a few investors among them show their courage to invest in equities and stocks. Needless to say, the stock market is full of volatility, unpredictability and therefore many investors unable to put their money in the stock market. Still, many investors invest in equities and get outstanding returns from the stock market.

What is a Demat Account?

A Demat account is simply a dematerialized account in which you hold a variety of investment securities such as shares, bonds, government securities, equity shares and more. The account is known as dematerialized account because all the securities, here are placed in a dematerialized form. 

Opening a Demat account is a must if you want to trade in securities in the stock market. This is because Demat accounts allow you to hold, buy and sell securities within a single account. 

Importance of Demat Account

Opening a Demat account is important as it provides a digitally secure and convenient way of holding securities and shares instead of a physical one. Also, it removes theft, loss and damage of physical certificates. Before the 90’s when there were no Demat accounts, shares were traded in a physical form. And needless to say, physical shares were difficult to store and maintain. There was always a risk of being misplaced, damaged or stolen. 

You can’t trade if you don’t have a Demat account. Since everything is done electronically, having a Demat account allows investors to hold the paperless securities without a flick of a switch. 

Why Open Demat Account with Swastika?

Swastika is a renowned stock broker that offers trustworthy yet quality stock brokers services in India. We are a SEBI registered stockbroker and corporate member with NSE and BSE. We provide smooth trading platforms for the biggest stock exchanges such as NSE and BSE. 

Here are the noteworthy reasons for opening a Demat account with Swastika:

Easy to Carry

Since the stocks are placed in electronic form, there are zero risks involved. This is because the Demat account allows investors to hold securities most easily. Therefore, opening a Demat account is the easiest form of holding shares in one place. 

Common Depository

With a common depository, investors can hold all the investments in a single account. It also operates for other instruments and government securities like mutual funds, NCD and more. 

Automatic Updates

The investors do not have to provide their details every time a transaction is carried out through the DP. The account linked to the investors with their unique id represents the investors and has all the things listed out. Hence, every transaction is automatically updated with specifics. 

How to Open Demat Account with Swastika?

Opening Demat Account with Swastika is quite an effortless and easy process. You are only required to go to the login page of Swastika.

Step1: Fill up the form available below.

Step 2: After successfully submitting your form, you will receive a call or message from the broking house. 

Step 3: The message carries a link regarding the online account opening.

Step 4: After that, you have to upload all the necessary documents such as PAN card, Aadhar Card, Voter Id and more.

Step 5: You will get a confirmation call regarding the account opening, once your application has been approved successfully.

Step 6: Once you receive the approval message, you will get the user id and password.

Here are the benefits you receive while opening Demat account with Swastika:

Transparent Services

Swastika is known for providing transparent services for its clients without hiding any details from them. You will get all the information regarding your money such as where your money goes.

Multiple Services under one Roof

At Swastika, you will get all the financial services under one roof such as stock trading, commodities, currencies and more. 

Real-Time Monitoring

Swastika’s trading account allows you to track and monitor stock price movements as they happen. 

Secure Trades

With Swastika, you can perform safe and convenient transactions. No matter whether you are trading through laptop or mobile phone, buying and selling is a seamless and quick process. 

Try Swastika Investmart to manage your wealth profile. Click here to open Demat account or feel free to Contact us

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