Top Ten Tips for Effective Mobile Marketing in 2021

Posted by Stephen Taylor on February 26th, 2021

With the onset of the New Normal, consumers are on their phones constantly, including when they shop. Whether they're making a purchase or simply researching items, stores, and sellers, customers are relying on mobile devices to buy things, and businesses should be focused on creating a personalized, location-based shopping experience to stay competitive.

As more people utilize their phone for searching and purchasing online, it's extremely important to focus on the mobile end-user experience. The way people can find information on your business and interact with your brand from their phone is crucial to mobile marketing success.

Businesses need to monitor current mobile marketing trends. Being vigilant about emerging trends can increase revenues, website traffic, overall sales and profit.

Marketing technology and mobile advertising are changing every day. Your company can stay ahead of the competition by seizing opportunities as they come.

Studies show that the majority of internet users now access the internet through a mobile device and the figure will continue to increase this year. So, businesses are now focused on different mobile marketing types. When you say anything about mobile technology, what comes to mind is In-apps, E-mails, mobile web, social media apps, etc.  However, there are other superior tools and platforms available. One such innovative mobile marketing tool is moLotus which is drastically transforming the marketing landscape. Even though the marketing tools do not have a fixed expiry date, you cannot continue with traditional marketing tools for long especially in the current scenario.

Following tips can help your business to secure the benefits of mobile marketing in 2021; maximizing the outcomes of marketing efforts :

1. Create More Mobile Video Content

For brand marketers, using video has directly helped in increasing marketing ROI. And, videos have an even bigger advantage for smartphones. In 2021, they are way more accessible to viewers than text due to high smartphone penetration.

Since life post-pandemic often has loads of in-house time, it’s no wonder that more than 75% of video consumption happens on mobile devices. (Source: Insider Intelligence) Socially distanced Consumers clearly prefer to throw on their headphones and watch videos on their mobiles.

As both video and mobile marketing become increasingly prevalent, it may be time you consider creating content in the form of high-impact mobile videos using innovative mobile marketing platforms like moLotus. With the high-impact video ads of up to 2 minutes, moLotus is being seen as the biggest driver of mobile video marketing in 2021.

2. Use Mobile Ads

In the world of marketing, not all ads are going to hit the same. An ad’s effectiveness is connected to the device it is viewed on. As smartphones became more popular, marketers began creating ads specifically for mobile devices.

These ads can be in the form of text, image, video, or banners, but they’re specifically targeted for mobile use. To create ads for smartphones, you have many tools to choose from.

You might be already familiar with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, InMobi Ads and more such traditional mobile advertising tools. Still better, you can now use the powerful moLotus platform to quickly and easily create mobile focussed ads. This is great if you are planning to create scalable mobile-specific campaigns. These ads reach the inbox of all mobile phone users without any app or data charges. The ads remain in the customer’s inbox until they voluntarily delete them. There is absolutely no spamming involved! The moLotus ads surpass other mobile advertising platforms in conversion rates.

3. Track Consumer Behavior Closely

A great mobile experience can only be achieved after the necessary testing and tracking have been made. There are plenty of useful mobile analytics tools like Google Analytics, Localytics, Mixpanel, etc. out there which assist in tracking consumer behaviour. moLotus is one such solution that could suit your business best.  You can consistently analyze consumer behaviour via moLotus and pay attention to what works and what doesn’t. In 2021, more businesses are expected to shift to moLotus’s Big-data analytics and advanced report generation.

4. Embrace Personalized Communication

Mobile personalization is the process of employing customer-specific data for enhancing marketing messages across mobile devices. In the New Normal, consumers want more tailored and personalized experiences. Ways of personalization have changed drastically with most customers staying indoors and preferring to go for online purchases. It is essential for your business to fine-tune your mobile marketing strategy to embrace the new personalization trends. In 2021 it would be prudent for you to use the hyper-personalization capability of tools like moLotus to enhance your mobile marketing efforts. moLotus has the capability to tailor the brand's message exclusively on customer name, number and any other relevant customer data.

5. Establish Two-way Interaction

Conversational marketing is a customer-centric and dialogue-driven approach to marketing. In 2021, it has become the go-to strategy for driving customer engagement, improving customer experience, and growing revenue via mobile marketing. Now the businesses should stay more connected with socially distanced customers establishing a two-way interaction via mobile devices. This would be best possible via a mobile marketing tool like moLotus.  The platform offers multiple customer interaction options like callback, SMS, Link Clicks, and more.

6. Send Mobile Reminders

Appointment and service delivery reminders are great examples of proactive mobile marketing messages that are both relevant and valuable in 2021. Missed appointments can be costly for your business. Unlike unwanted spam-marketing messages, reminders are the result of specific opted-in actions taken by the customers and are a hugely important touchpoint between brands and customers. Sending personalized service reminders with the details and time of an expected delivery via a mobile platform like moLotus can go a long way in keeping customers engaged and improving the effective running of your business.

7. Entice Your Loyal Customers With Digital Offers

Loyal customers should receive some incentive to keep choosing your business over and over. A properly designed and managed loyalty campaign loaded with offers will do wonders for your business. In 2021, tempt your target audience with suitable offers while they are home-stuck and socially distanced. Motivate clients who make use of mobile apps like FourSquare and ShopKick to check-in to your location and receive rewards and incentives, such as coupons and discounts.

A superior option could be moLotus offering personalized mobile coupons and vouchers. moLotus’s breakthrough capabilities have replaced the newspaper/print coupons with real-time personalized event-based digital vouchers and coupons. They are much cheaper & have faster distribution than printed ones along with a high response rate. Also, being easier & cheaper to administrate, have reduced fraudulent usage significantly. The capabilities have brought in new levels of control, accuracy, and measurement for mobile marketers to finally enhance campaign ROI.

8. Encourage Customer Feedback

Everyone appreciates being asked for their opinion. As raving fans of your brand, your customers will provide you with informed opinions that could be beneficial for you in determining a new service to release, a new scheme, or a marketing tactic to try. Traditionally you can send a survey to your loyal customers to ask their opinion.

The pandemic situation is already very overwhelming for customers. Customer behaviour is led by anxiety and the need for protection during this crisis phase. In times like these, it is important to seek customer feedback differently. The best way would be without physical contact - using mobile marketing apps and tools. Get instant customer ratings and feedbacks for different business aspects via moLotus in 2021.

9. Automate Mobile Campaigns

Automation can improve both the efficiency and efficacy of your mobile campaigns. Not only will it save you time; it will also ensure that customers receive your message promptly. To get the most from your mobile messaging, embrace new-age mobile marketing platforms like moLotus, Marketo, Hubspot, etc. that can help you automate your campaigns.

As mobile automation technology continues to evolve in 2021, the breakthrough moLotus automation capabilities are meeting the expectations of businesses, doing away with the inefficiencies of mobile marketing. The platform comes as a fresh advancement in technology, empowering marketers to create a rich automated experience.

10. Customize Mobile Campaigns

In the new world, mass campaigns are no longer working. Customized mobile marketing can be the best way to reach out to the pandemic stuck consumers in 2021. In 2020, customized mobile marketing has proven to be extremely effective just about every time it's been used, even if only to a small group of consumers. Figures from Salesforce reveal that high performing businesses are using data-targeting and segmentation 51% more than underperforming businesses. Know who you’re targeting by interrogating your customer data – from basic demographics to online behaviors, attitudes, interests and perceptions. Interestingly, the moLotus mobile platform offers customized campaigns - targeting languages, demography, etc. that are fast replacing mass messaging. moLotus has the ability to leverage customer data at micro-levels.


Undoubtedly the present and future of marketing and business are mobile. Mobile digital marketing is the trend now and trying innovative techniques to engage the customers is highly recommended this year. 2021 will continue to see digital disruption in mobile marketing, where the use of breakthrough moLotus technology will continue to experience a steep rise. Embrace mobile marketing tools like moLotus and end up gaining customer’s trust, heart share and mindshare.

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