Is a Lithium Ion Forklift Battery Worth the Extra Expense?

Posted by Star on February 26th, 2021

In the material managing industry, efficiency and performance are two vital tricks to success. There are just numerous hrs in the day, so whenever a company can find a way to do even more in less time, they obtain an affordable advantage. For some operations, especially food handling, 3PL as well as other multi-shift applications, lithium-ion forklift batteries offer that added side by reducing labor expenses as well as boosting performance.

In this article we'll address common inquiries concerning lithium-ion (L-I) forklift batteries including:

- The length of time does it take to bill a lithium-ion forklift battery and also

- When are lithium-ion forklift batteries worth the additional expense?

Q: What Applications Profit Many from Lithium-Ion?

Multi-shift applications such as 3PL, manufacturing as well as food handling) and also any kind of various other 24/7 product handling procedures benefit most from switching to lithium-ion. For these type of operations, li-ion batteries can pay for themselves within a couple of years.

Workflow where forklifts operate in cool environments can additionally swiftly benefit from switching to lithium-ion. lithium-ion forklift batteries can be fast-charged in cool temperature levels (also inside freezers) and also preserve their ability in chilly temperatures better than their lead-acid counterparts.

Q: How much does a Big Joe Forklift lithium-ion forklift battery price?

The typical price for a lithium-ion forklift battery is roughly -20k (regarding 2-2.5 x greater than a comparable lead-acid battery). For that higher upfront rate, a procedure will save money on:

Energy costs: lithium-ion batteries are 30% even more energy-efficient and also fee 8x much faster than lead-acid batteries

Batteries: your lithium-ion battery will last 2-4x longer than a lead acid battery

Downtime: lithium-ion batteries never require to be switched out as well as can be opportunity-charged during driver breaks

Labor expenses: lithium-ion forklift batteries do not call for upkeep or watering

Productivity: appreciate longer run-times and also no decrease in efficiency as the battery discharges

Dangers: li-ion batteries do not give off dangerous fumes or CARBON DIOXIDE, there's no danger of acid spills, as well as you'll have 70-80 percent fewer batteries to take care of with time due to the fact that you will not be changing batteries as frequently.

Realty: reclaim the area you're making use of as a billing space for additional storage

Q: The length of time does a lithium-ion battery require to bill?

A: Li-ion batteries can bill throughout the day in 15 or 30 min eruptions, or totally cost throughout a one to 2 hour continual session. Compare this to the eight hour charge time plus an extra eight hr cool off time for a lead-acid battery.

Q: How much runtime will I receive from a lithium-ion battery?

Just like lead-acid batteries, the runtime depends on the application (how much lifting, just how much uphill travel). Usually speaking, a lithium-ion battery will last as long as a lead-acid battery - however it charges faster and does not create a decrease in performance as it releases.

Q: Can a forklift be retro-fitted to make use of a Lithium-ion battery?

Yes! Conversion fasts and also easy. The retro-fit simply needs setting up the new battery as well as adding the cost meter.

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