Factors that make online clothes stores the best choice to shop online clothing

Posted by AllmaJess on March 13th, 2015

Online shopping has become the ‘in’ thing in fashion at present. And, the customers can completely enjoy all the attention that the sellers are trying to provide them to be better than the rest. These are the most favourable times for the customers, if they want to start to shop online clothing, especially with the range of choices available for them. So, in this age of fierce competition among numerous online clothes stores, how can one differentiate its services from the rest and still be at the top? The answer is working on its competitive advantage.

Customer response time

This is the most important factor which decides whether online clothes stores will be a part of the race or thrown out without a second thought. When your business has just entered the online shopping ecosystem, you need to prove your commitment towards serving the customers and playing on the reasons which have brought them to take this decision to shop online clothing. It’s not just about the delivery time promised, it’s about the quality of the delivery which also matters.


Price comparisons are bound to happen and in online clothes stores it can be done very easily as well. Just visiting all the websites that offer the option of online shopping will give you an idea of the best price availability. Just focussing on offering the lowest price isn’t enough - you also need to see that the quality doesn’t get compromised. So, to decide on the best price your website can offer, consider the mindset of the customer as well. If you want to play on affordability and quality then think of a price which will reflect both. To attract customers to shop online clothing at your website and not in your competitor’s, this will be an important factor.

Range and availability

Online clothes stores play on their variety and availability but often they are unable to deliver as they promise and that’s what makes them lose their loyal customers over a period of time. A certain amount of complacency also develops once they have consolidated their presence in the online shopping market. They begin to think that their customers will come back to them even if they don’t offer variety as other websites since they enjoy the goodwill of their buyers. What they forget is that the moment the buyers see something they like in the price they want in another shopping portal it won’t take more than a few seconds for them to change their tracks. Always keep the latest collection available in all sizes and designs.

Favourable return policy

Finally, the return policy isn’t something that is always favourable for the customers. To avoid your customers facing any of the usual harassments, be consistent with your return policy and make sure that it is adhered to, no matter what.

So, if you want your customers to return and shop online clothing with you then remember the above mentioned factor. Your effort to keep your customers happy will show its results in increasing number of page visits and successful buys and make you one of the best online clothes stores.

To attract customers to shop online clothing at your online shop out of the many online clothes stores you need to work on your competitive advantage.

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