WhatIs Cork Flooring?

Posted by articlelink01 on March 14th, 2015

At some point, it’s inevitable that no matter how long you have been live in a certain house; you may want to replace the flooring. It does not matter what kind of flooring you currently have, but if you are not comfortable with it, and also not happy, it can actually reduce the appearance and valued of your home greatly. If you are considering getting a new floor, you can always look intocork flooringasone good option.

Cork flooring

Cork has been used in different capacities for many years, which also include in flooring. This is actually due to the natural properties which are found in cork, and this is what makes it fit even for sound proofing and in wine bottles. Cork is taken from the back of a cork oak tree, and it can be harvested when the tree reaches 25 years of age. After that for the rest of the tree live, it can be harvested after every nine years. Cork is also referred to be a renewable source, and this is because cork oak trees can live for over 200 years.

Durability of cork flooring

Cork is one of the known strongest flooring options available to market today. This is because cork is least affected by friction and impact as compared to hardwood, tile or laminate flooring. This means thatcork flooringcan be able to stand up much more than other floor types. More so cork is known to have an amazing resistance thus resilient to pressure. This is like, for example, when you stand on the cork floor with high heel, the cork will make a dent or impression, however, when you remove the pressure on it, the floor will then spring back to normal shape almost immediately and leave nolasting impression or mark. This is unlike any other floor like carpet if you place any heavy furniture it will definitely leave a permanent mark even when you remove the furniture. However, with cork the floor will always look as good as new. Unlike the tile floor when something heavy fall on it may crack but with cork it will not leave even any mark.

Cork flooring and water

Cork is known to contain a natural substance known as suberin. This is a waxy type substance, and this is what makes cork impervious to liquids. This is meant that if cork is exposed to water, it will not rot and the same happens withcork flooring and is not like laminate or hardwood floors which when exposed to water will rot. This is one factor, which makescork flooring to be a perfect choice for bathroom and also kitchen areas. Furthermore, when you happen to spill anything on the cork floor, you have not to worry of any damage or staining for you will simply need to wipe it out, and the whole mess is gone.Cork flooringis unlike hardwood or carpet, where when there is something spilling on them; you having to worry of permanent stain.

 Cork flooring  is ideal for you if you suffer from allergies or a condition which needs your environment to be always clean. This is because cork floors  are known to be a nature barrier to insect.

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