Choosing Cork Floor For Your Basement

Posted by articlelink01 on March 14th, 2015

If your house has a basement floor, choosing the right floor may be a very daunting task. This is because of the environment and also natural elements of the basement. Most of the houses basements are known to have high moisture and humidity levels, which lead it to result in mildew and mound. Basement as well is known to be a great area where the pests can roam and make themselves to feel at home. In case you are looking for a solution to these besides using concrete floors then cork floors can be a great option for your basement.

What to consider before cork installation on basement

Before you can perform anycork flooring installationon your basement, you should first address a number of issues, which may make it unsuitable for your basement if not addressed. You should understand that, if your basement is not leveled it may be difficult for you to lay the cork tiles. This means depending on your basement floor composition; you might want to have it leveled. Furthermore, you should understand that if the basement is prone to flooding, even though the cork is resistant to moisture it will definitely be damaged when it stands on runoff water or sewage.

In the case that your basement is not prone to flooding then cork may be a perfect flooring solution. You must know that cork is renewable, its natural and eco-friendly material and this mean that, by doingcork basement installationyou will not be harming the environment. Many other natural properties also make the cork floor ideal for basement flooring. Cork material suberin property also makes it resistance to mold, moisture and also pets. Cork floors are also comfortable and when you walk on the cork floor its level to lie on. This is made possible by its honey compo structure where inside the cell is trapped gas, which gives cork cushion when you lay on it. This as well makes cork to be a good insulation material. This is the reason why when you have cork floor installation on your basement it will help to resist on cold.

Cork is also known to be very durable and may even last you a life time.Cork basement installationcan be ideal. This is the reason even why cork was mainly used in libraries, government building and also educational building. You will find that most of the cork flooring installations still there and looking good as they were when first install. So if you are on the basement floor,cork floor installationcan be a perfect solution for you.

Cork basement flooring can be done by you, or you can always hire a specialist to do it for you. This is because of the floor leveling and making sure that it is perfectly done. When the cork basement flooring is not done well, it will not look appealing and if the surfaces are not leveled it will not be smooth at the end, so be careful to observe all these features.

Modern people identify themselves with Cork basement flooring. They chose the best cork floor installation available based on their choice, resistance, wood percentage, durability and luster.

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