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Posted by tedmark on March 14th, 2015

 Along with the other domains that evolved with technology, it was also time for art to expand in this ultra-modern direction. As art-galleries still remain the primary space for artists to expose their works and make them available for purchase, virtual spaces are also alternatives for those who want to promote their works without having to pay a rental. Whether they are painters or photographs, most visual artists today create a blogspot on a free platform in order to promote their works at a more extended level.

                As an artist, you might be skeptical about how creating a blog can influence the way your works are perceived. As a matter of fact, if you create a free blog for your work of arts, this can help you as well in growing as an artist. This is due to the extended network that blogs create when communicating with each other and on the account of hundreds of viewers that post comments and give feedback on your works. Communication is actually the key-feature of a creating a blog and interacting with the public can only have positive effects. If you create a blogspot on art and photography, for instance, you will always find yourself reading opinions from normal readers but also from fellow artists, some of them with an incredible background. Learning from their experience and their advice can help you better understand art, as well as how to improve the way you sell your work.

                As far as online art sales are concerned, you can increase the number of sold pieces if you create a free blog. The reasons why this is a more efficient way to live on the art you’ve created are numerous and one of them is actually related to Internet functioning principals. The fact is that research engines work mostly work on typing words and not on posting pictures. If you want your work of art to be found and noticed it has to be given a catchy name and a captivating description. Even if you do so, you have to promote yourself as an artist and what you create in order to determine people to search your artwork. The most user-friendly way to achieve all these things is to create a blogspot and what is even more interesting about this process is that it can also be “self-promoting”. If viewers appreciate your blog, they can send it to other people and therefore you achieve more viewers and more potential buyers.  

                If you create a free blog as an artist, you also have the chance to explain your art to the public. Of course, some may be skeptical about explaining art, as art is made to be interpreted, not explained, but on the other hand, not everyone understands artistic intentions. It is not about the fact that viewers might not understand the content of the artwork, it is the fact that most artistic pieces are closely related to the background of the artist and his personality. If you know neither of the two, it might be difficult to truly understand an artist’s intention. As a matter of fact, when artists create a blogspot where they explain their works, it is like organizing an opening of an exhibition in an art-gallery, only that they do it online.

Looking to create a blogspot for your work of arts? Start promoting your art to the wide virtual public and create a free blog where you can express ideas and receive feedback on your work.

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