Dental Care foryour Children Should Not bean Option but a Necessity

Posted by articlelink01 on March 14th, 2015

The first teeth that your child has are referred to as baby teeth. Many assume that they are less important due to the fact that they eventually fall off. To the contrary, these teeth play an important role in the overall health, wellbeing and development of the child. When youngsters begin going for regular checkups with theirchildren’s dentist Epping, they get advice on how to greatly improve their dental hygiene. Youngsters with healthy teeth chew food easily, improve speech learning, and smile confidently.

The same attention that you give to your permanent teeth should also be accorded to the primary teeth of your child. This includes dental care at home as well as professional care. Teeth experience decay whatever age you may be, so after the first six months of your child showing their first tooth, a dentistshould be visited periodically. The first visit is usually when they reach age one. After checking for pediatric dental problems and tooth decay, your dentist shows how your child can learn the best oral health habits.

Is there any significance of primary teeth?

By the age of three, most children will have already developed an entire set of primary teeth. Contrary to what many think, primary teeth are very important. First, your child gets better nutrition as a result of the improved chewing. Then, teeth also help in the development of speech. A beautiful smile goes a long way in building ones self-esteem. At school, not only is the child healthier and more active, they learn more as they are not distracted by regular dental pains.

What happens when baby teeth are not taken care of?

Just like their permanent counterparts, baby teeth can develop cavities, which can be painful. In the worst case scenario, young children may develop infections. Tooth decay is a serious issue that can affect many teeth. For those who ignore the precautions, it can give rise to oral infections and abscesses. This poses a great health risk to young children, more so as their body defense systems are yet to fully develop. Once the tooth is infected, it will require extraction and seeking professional dental advice is always the best option. If the dentist recommends a space maintainer, it should be used according to the instructions to avoid problems that are hard to treat, particularly orthodontic problems. Taking care of your child’s oral health from an early age sets a routine for them for the future. They will develop good hygiene habits such as brushing and flossing which will carry on into their adulthood.

Decay of the teeth is one of the illnesses that can affect youngsters. The advice and care you get by regularly visiting the Childrens dentist Epping, can help prevent dental issues and ensure good oral health. For further information on the same, contact us as your dentist of choice and let’s see what we can do to enhance and maintain your kid’s dental health.

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