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Posted by jennycooper on March 14th, 2015

Alright, here we go again with another top of the class upgrade from the wonder device of the new age IT - Raspberry pi 2 Model B. Just about a month ago, the last model was released from the house of Raspberry Pi Foundation. And, now we already have the Raspberry pi 2 kit available in online stores ready to be taken by whoever wants to have a piece of this multipurpose device. If you compare this to the previous model you will realize the benefits, which doesn’t look like much at first. If Raspberry Pi was designed with the objective of teaching the children the basics of computer science then they have been more than successful in their venture. Not just that, they haven’t missed upgrading their device according to the demands of the tech savvy kids of today.

Features of Raspberry pi 2 Model B
In comparison to Raspberry Pi 1 Model B+, this new upgraded version has two small modifications - A 900MHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 CPU and a 1 GB RAM. In addition to this you can also enjoy the beneficial features of the previous model such as 4 USB ports, 40 GPIO pins, VideoCore IV 3D graphics core, combined 3.5mm audio jack and composite video, micro SD card slot, full HDMI port, display interface (DSI), ethernet port and camera interface (CSI). The processor will allow it to run all ranges of ARM GNU/Linux varieties and Microsoft Windows 10. The Pi 1 model is also compatible with Pi 2.

If you plan to get a Raspberry pi 2 kit from an online store you can go right ahead and order for one. You will get a range of beneficial products along with it such as 200-page user guide, a WiFi Dongle, 8GB Kingston Micro SD card and adapter, case, power supply, breadboard, jumper wires, GPIO ribbon cable with breakout board, 10 Yellow LED's and 10 Red LED's 45PC 330ohm resistors, 45PC 10K resistors, 2X Big 12mm button and a lot more.

Benefits of Raspberry pi 2 Model B
Just plug into a monitor or a television set and you are all set to do all that you usually do in a computer, with the help of a keyboard and a mouse. Whether you want to access the internet or play an HD video game or learn programming languages like Scratch and Python, or working on spreadsheet – with a Raspberry Pi you can do a lot more. And, with the upgraded Raspberry pi 2 Model B you can do much more. According to experts, the computer learners at schools will find this model to be more flexible for usage even in high power projects - all the more reason why you should get a Raspberry pi 2 kit for your kid at school and help them understand new age computer skills. This is necessary to make them comfortable with technology so that they don’t fall behind in the race.

The Raspberry pi 2 kit is very competitively priced so that you don’t have to worry about stretching your monthly expenditure budgets. Gift your young child with this amazing device called the Raspberry pi 2 Model B, and let them learn the basics of working with a computer.

Resource Box :Raspberry pi 2 is an upgraded version of the previous model and you can get your Raspberry pi 2 kit at online stores. 

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