Restylane Helps in the Reduction of Melomental Folds

Posted by GibsonMedicalOutlet on March 14th, 2015

Skin wrinkles are one of the first signs of aging. Wrinkled and sagging skin can seriously hamper once confidence disturbing her professional and personal life. Medical science has come up with some great products to keep age at bay, and with the help of the right products you can enjoy an everlasting youth. Restylane is such an innovation which can be your best friend to erase even the deep set wrinkles. Restylane is a hyaluronic acid based cosmetic filler, which can provide exceptional results in erasing even the most deep set wrinkles like the melomental folds, crow’s feet and smile lines. Developing of melomental folds is a common sign of aging, when not treated at the early stage they often become the deep set and need special targeted treatment to erase. If you are searching for a way, to reduce the melomental folds trying Restylane treatment can surely yield the best results.

How it works?

As already said, Restylane is a hyaluronic acid based dermal filler. Hyaluronic acid is a natural constituent of the body, and under normal conditions, it is broken down by the skin within half of a day. So, being hyaluronic acid based makes Restylane safe for use in the human body. Restylane is injected into the skin, particularly to the targeted area, and once inside the skin the hyaluronic acid molecules absorb more than 100 times of water than its own volume and forms a cross linked gel structure, which adds volume under the skin. The treatment can erase melomental folds and other deep set wrinkles magically within 2-3 days.

The results

As the drug provides volume under the skin, so automatically the wrinkles are erased and the skin gets back its elasticity of the younger days. The effect of Restylane treatment is perfectly natural looking, and it invigorates the natural restoration process of the skin. Effects of Restylane treatment on the melomental folds last for nearly six to nine months with or without the need of in-between touch ups. The treatment has minimum chances of side effects and supports quick recovery. Restylane is also available with the local anesthetic Lidocaine, for a totally painless treatment. Medical practitioners can also opt for the normal version of Restylane according to the requirements of the patient. The online medical stores maintain a fresh stock of both the formulations of Restylane; and cosmetic practitioners can purchase their stock of Restylane directly from these online stores by providing their registration number.

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