How brain cancer is associated with cell phone radiation?

Posted by spiritualarticles on March 14th, 2015

Cell phone radiations are associated with a number of health problems. Brain cancer is one of the major health condition that can be caused due to cell phone radiations. There are studies that claim that excess cell phone usage leads to brain cancer. Research shows that there is an increased risk of brain tumours from cell phones as well as eye cancer. With the increasing use of wireless devices, it is imperative to understand that a lot of risks is associated with the use of wireless communication. There is a suspicion that the incoming radiations from mobile devices and other wireless devices lead to brain tumours, damage to DNA, harm blood cells, damage eyes, cause sleep disruptions and many other health conditions.

What can you do?

According to cancer science research, intense use of mobile phones is a serious consideration. The neuronal damage may not be immediate, nor it shows demonstrable consequences. But, can cause severe brain damage in the long run. The damage due to cell phone exposure can take many years to come out. One will rarely find any symptoms.

  • In order to prevent brain cancer development, one should reduce the use of cell phones and other wireless devices.

  • There are a number of companies in India that are taking steps towards radiation management. These companies are developing Environment-friendly chips that take care of harmful effects of cell phone radiations and mobile tower radiations.

  • Mobile phone manufacturers are offering a protection rating on their phones to help the consumer prevent this kind of diseases. If you are planning to buy a mobile device, make sure to buy a device with an anti-radiation shield. Besides this, one can make use of headsets, instead of putting the handset directly over their ears. You can even cover your earns and skin while taking over the cell phone.

  • Similarly, when you are dialing a number, keep the handset away from the ear until the call gets connected. According to cell phone companies, the signal strength will be at the maximum level when the phone is ringing.

  • The signal is very stronger when a person is between the cell towers. So, it is better to try when the connection is safe and is not hanging up. It is a must for children and teens to limit the usage of cell phones.

Due to cell phone usage, more and more people are suffering the effects of brain cancer and tumours in significant numbers. Scientific studies in brain cancer research are pinpointing relevant questions regarding the dangers of using cell phones. There is also an evidence that shook the cell phone industry. It is true that cell radiations cause a number of health problems, and one cannot deny this fact. When it comes to the health issue, people who are always exposed to radiation are at great risk of developing brain cancer and other related diseases. By considering this fact, a number of countries across the globe banned the usage of wireless devices. People living in those countries cannot use wireless devices unless they stay far away from city limitations and in remote areas.

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