Perlane Treatments Help To Remove the Damaged Skin

Posted by BeautyVials on March 14th, 2015

Perlane is FDA approved hyaluronic acid based dermal filler which has started to create waves in the market. There are already a bagful of dermal fillers in the market, and many of them are hyaluronic acid based, but for Perlane the difference lies in its formulation and effects.  Perlane is used for treating moderate to deep set wrinkles, and also for filling up facial hollows caused due to age. Perlane also has this capacity to remove the damaged skin and invigorate the production process of new skin cells. So, if you have been looking for the best remedy to improve the conditions of your already damaged skin, Perlane can be your one stop solution to all the headaches. Perlane provides a long term action, which is natural and side effect free.

The difference

Perlane encapsulates the latest techniques of molecular engineering; it has a bigger molecular structure when compared to the other dermal fillers of its class. The drug is bio technologically engineered and is produced from the bacteria streptococcus. The molecules of Perlane are hydrophilic, and they absorb more than 100 times water than its own volume to form a gel like cross linked structure. This increased volume adds mass to the face removing wrinkles and hollows caused due to age. Unlike the other hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers, the bigger molecules of Perlane need to be injected deep inside the skin, and being rooted deep they invigorates the natural regeneration process of the skin. It improves the collagen and elastin synthesis rates of the skin offering a more natural looking effect, which stays put for a longer duration.

The statistics

According to research based studies conducted to find out the true effects of Perlane on the skin, 92% cases that have used Perlane for treating signs of skin aging have found extreme positive effects from the treatment. For these patients, Perlane treatment successively reduced even the deep set wrinkles and has made their skin smooth and suppler. About 72% of the patients using Perlane have realized visible effects on the skin even after 6 months of the treatment.

Availability of Perlane

Perlane is easily available in the online as well as physical stores. Purchasing the drug from the online medical outlets ensure that you get the original company manufactured medicine at the cheapest price. The registered online medical outlets maintain a fresh stock of Perlane, and they take the best care to keep these drugs in a properly controlled environment to keep the effectiveness intact.

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