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Posted by tedmark on March 14th, 2015

The Internet has become one of the most used mean of communication nowadays and for all the good reasons: it is easy accessible, it is widespread and, the best of all, it is free. As a matter of fact, most blogs online develop on free hosting, which means that everyone that wants to make money out of blogging activities has already a good starting point as the initial investment is close to zero. You can actually make a living out of nothing material, only sharing ideas with the world or use blogs to promote the things that you’ve created, in order to increase the level of purchases.  

                As online free blogs have started to become the foundation of most businesses recently launched, the competition has grown bigger and bigger. When intending to create a blog that will surely have success, there are several mistakes bloggers should try to avoid. First of all, you shouldn’t choose the topic of the blog just because you have heard that other people make money from it. The concept of the blog should start from your own beliefs, relying on the sincerity of your thoughts and on the transparency of your intentions. Moreover, it is great to be passionate about something but you also have to keep in mind that you might be one of the few that are really into something. There is no point in talking about a hobby that raises the interest of few people. Another mistake that bloggers frequently make is to write upon a topic that they know little about. Interesting blogs online raise attention because their creators have done a detailed research about the subject they were approaching before posting their ideas.

                Making money out of money is a plausible business plan, but not all niche topics are captivating. Picking a niche for online free blogs means that the person that firstly has to be interested in the subject is you. If you’re interested about the niche you intend to develop and know how to write about the subject, you will most certainly attract viewers that will be constantly visiting your page for new updates. One of the most sought-after topics debated on bogs online is about health and fitness. As more and more people have begun interested in their health and fitness level, it is only obvious that writing about these aspects will attract a considerable amount of viewers. Written content can be about fitness exercises and the diversity of sport activities or about interesting diets and various low-calorie recipes.   

                Another hugely exploited niche in the online free blogs industry is the reviews topic. In an era when online marketing has become more and more utilized by the general public, reviews are essential, given the fact that you don’t get to physically see the object before it is sent to you. But reading reviews is not necessarily related to online marketing. When choosing from various versions of the same objects can be difficult when you’re not a specialist in the field. Buying a computer, for instance, can be simple rocket science for somebody that doesn’t know how to compare product specifications. In this sense, reading reviews on blogs online can be extremely helpful.

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