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Posted by tedmark on March 14th, 2015

While having a blog is usually associated with the freedom of expression and the liberal arts, the fact is that we can pretty start a free blog in order to use it for advertising and posting stuff about our company. Actually, while it might not seem like the best idea at first, having our employees post interesting work related things on a company blog can go a long way to increasing our company’s reputation and clients.

                While some of us might still be under the impression that blogs are places where people go to express their discontent with things which are personal, political, or even philosophical, the truth is that many post content that’s not really original and neither that informative. This is the real issue when we start blog website creation: whether we should do what everyone else is doing or whether we should try to find a niche. In order to find out which works best we should probably take a look at the most successful blogs and see what they’re doing. What we will find is that finding a niche is a good choice but not really something that will pay off fast. This is one of the reasons why we need to go somewhere in between at first and offer a more family friendly experience. However, when we start a free blog we’ll want to the general direction be specified and, as time goes by, to publish more and more niche articles.  

                One of the easiest ways to start a free blog that’s successful is to make sure that we have something to write about that’s really interesting to us. If we are blogging just in order to have an image in the social media or to make money, then we’re probably trying to create content that we think will increase our chances of success. However, the quality and usefulness of such content is really much lower of any content that is written out of pure interest with a subject matter. Even if we start blog posts about things that are quite common in nature, like enjoying a moment of meditation, the fact is that we can do it in such a way that it’s natural, interesting and relatable. These things are important for creating a bond between us and the reader, making them more attached to what we have to say.

                Sometimes writing content that is useful, fun, interesting and engaging isn’t enough to increase our blog’s popularity, or maybe we are not content with the current growth rate of the follower base. There are certain guaranteed ways in which we can increase the number of visitors to our website without having to start blog posts that are cliché and boring. SEO optimization is something that we can do even if we don’t have full access to our blog. Onsite, all we have to do is make sure that we’re using relevant keywords in the titles and content of our posts. Offsite, we need to create articles and posts that link to our blog, and we can achieve this with the help of other social media platforms like social networking websites. By keeping this in mind when we plan to start a free blog we can increase its success quite quickly.

Check out some nice tutorials when it comes to blogs and how to start blog posting. Plan everything ahead of time and enjoy more success when you start a free blog.

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