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Posted by tedmark on March 14th, 2015

 There are many platforms that allow us to choose a certain theme for our blog and then just start making posts. However, the amount of control that we have when it comes to such blogs is fairly limited. If we want to get ourselves free from any kind of limitations, then we should consider hosting our own forum, something that we can do either on our own computer or home server, or on a VPN. However, if we start a blog like this we will also need a domain name where the forum will be reached.

                Figuring out how to start a blog for free shouldn’t be that hard, as the actual blogging will prove more difficult. Many people get bored of keeping a blog alive quite early on and this is mostly due to the fact that at the beginning things can move very slowly. We might not even know how to properly render titles, tags, or use keywords. It will take some getting used to if we’re not really adept at using the applications and tools that are most common when it comes to blogging. However, before we start worrying about content editing, we first need to settle on what we’re going to use in order to start a blog. The choices we have are to go full free, relying on someone else when it comes to domain and hosting, completely paid, in which case we’ll get a domain, a host, and the blog website, or somewhere in between.

                 Those that want to start a blog for free will find that it’s quite easy to do. There are many applications out there that allow us to set up our blog in less than ten minutes and start posting content right away. However, most of these applications will provide us with little control over our blog. This usually means that we will have the option to pay in order to gain full access to the tools and features available but it also means that we will have to abide by the terms of service imposed by the application. Those that start a blog and host it themselves instead of relying on free platforms will have more freedom regarding the content on their blog, but they will require vast amounts of web design experience in order to set the forum up.

                Even though it’s easy to start a blog as there are many websites that advertise free hosting and free domain names the problem is that not all of them provide a qualitative service. This usually means that we either won’t be able to rely on their hosting solutions all the time, which implies that our blog will be offline more than we wish, or that their support service is close to inexistent. Not being able to rely on the support service that a blogging website provides means that any problems we encounter will take a long time to fix. Furthermore, faulty support can lead to an inability to access the blog or make posts and edit content, and this is the main downside to the option to start a blog for free.

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