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Posted by tedmark on March 14th, 2015

There are many people who try to increase their earning by following a somewhat dubious get rich fast scheme in which they start a blog which they either turn it into a bucket where they pour things taken from the web or convert to an advertisement center. What is strange is that they wouldn’t visit such places themselves, so it’s hard to believe that they think such a scheme would work. In order to make money out of blogging we need our blog to be on the popular blog sites list, something achieved by creating original and useful content.

                The first impression that some of us may get when it comes to topics like blogging for money is that it’s something that we have to work really hard at, something that’s more or less like a second job, and just as stressful. Just the manner in which we regard this can dictate whether we’ll have success or not, and looking at it as something stressful and demanding isn’t a good choice. Why would we want to start doing something that will prove to be a choir on the long run? After all, making money from blogging isn’t all that easy and it’s not something that will give us a big return over night. Therefore, it’s much more intuitive to turn blogging into something that we do to relax in our spare time, something that’s fun and constructive, a way of sharing our experience with others in a fun and engaging way. If we’ll look at the top blogs, we’ll see that finding a niche and sticking to original content is the best way to get among the popular blog sites.

                The key to success when it comes to blogging for money isn’t just writing about something that we’re really passionate about and which we know others would be interested in. What’s more important than creating original and interesting content is advertising the place where we’re posting it, our blog. There are more than one ways of doing this, and the most reliable one is to harness the power of professional SEO techniques. Search engine optimization onsite involves being careful when it comes to our content. We will need to use specific keywords that will have to appear in the articles we write a given number of times. Offsite, optimization translates into publicity. We need to make sure that there are many links that point to our blog. An easy way to do this is to create accounts on social networking websites and post on them every time we write something on our blog. This is something that we will observe on most popular blog sites, the fact that there’s a web around them.

                When it comes to blogging for money, the platform we use will determine our income opportunities. The main disadvantage that we have if we choose to create and host our own blog comes from the fact that we’ll need to have some experience with web design in order to get it done. However, the advantage is that we won’t be restricted by the terms of service that most blogging applications come with. Of course, we can always try using online applications that allow us to create a blog which we can then host ourselves. This is a much better option if we don’t know much about web design but we still want to enjoy as much freedom as possible with our blog. Once our blog gets among the popular blog sites, then we can easily monetize it by using ad services.

Are you interested in safe ways of blogging for money? Find out everything you know about marketing your blog and getting it among the popular blog sites.

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