4 Tips for Taking Care of the Elderly at Home

Posted by Emoha on February 26th, 2021

Every medical expert recommends that care for elders should be done at home, because it provides them with an environment that they are familiar with and also feel comfortable in. This makes their everyday life less of a struggle. For their medical needs, you should obviously look for home care services for the elderly. Besides the medical service, how else should you look after them? Here are some tips to help you do that:

  1. Keep Emergency Numbers Handy

You never know when the elderly at home may need medical help. The prudent decision would be to always have the emergency numbers handy. They should be in your speed dial and you should call them instinctively as soon as the need arises. Ask for the emergency contact of the medical service company or personnel who will be looking after the elderly. Further, ensure they can be available 24x7 if and when there is an emergency.

  1. Be Always Ready to Make Easy-Ready Meals

The elders are always at a risk of malnutrition because of their body weakening with age. Therefore, it becomes important to always give them nutritious food to meet their nutrition requirements. This means that you have to always be ready to make easy-ready and healthy meals. Moong daal-phulka, Idli-coconut-chutney, Poha, Khichdi, Suji-Upma, Vegetable-Pulao, Vegetable wheat Macaroni, Multigrain bread Cheese-Vegetable Sandwiches, Besan-Chila, along with salads and soups, are some of the easy and healthy meals you can cook for the elderly.

  1. Assess the Lighting of Their Room

Although it is important that the room of the elders at home should be well-lit, it should not be so bright that the light is blinding. You will have to ensure that the lighting of the room is perfect for them. In case they need to read something or do some other work in their room, lighting should not be a problem. For this, you will have to experiment a lot with different types of lightings like bulbs, tube lights, lamps, or a combination of these- LED, of course. This might be a bit time-consuming, but once it is done, the elders at home will be very happy and comfortable because of it.

  1. Take Them for Walks

The last thing you want your elders to have is a sedentary lifestyle. With age comes the general weakening of bones and muscles. A sedentary lifestyle will further accelerate the ageing process. It is important for the elders to go for walks and work their bones and muscles. The more they exercise, the more active will they be, and their body will stay healthy. This way, bones and joints retain their strength and flexibility for a long time. This eventually leads to a longer and healthier life.

When you have an elder at home, looking after them with dedication is essential. They have looked after you your whole life, and now, when the tables have turned, is your turn to show your gratitude and love. You will need to be patient and always be with them like they have been with you. Elderly care home services and the aforementioned tips will help make taking care of the elderly easier


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