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Posted by tedmark on March 14th, 2015

We all know how a blog starts, more or less, and it all has to do with content. However, that’s just the exterior that we see when we look at the blog. The more important things that we need to know when it comes to how to set up a blog for free and turn it into a hit are what applications and tools we should use. Even though a blog is mostly content, which comes in writing, pictures, music and videos, the fact is that in order to arrange this into a coherent whole, we will require the help of many social media resources.

                What applications and tools are there that we should know about when it comes to how to set up a blog for free? Blogging applications are usually places where we can create a blog without having to worry about things like hosting or domain names. However, most blogging applications only provide us with limited control over our blog and some of them require us to get our own web host in order to get the blog up and running. Furthermore, while basic features of the blog will be free, most advanced features will require us to pay for, and while the fees aren’t that big, the more tools we use the more in debt we are. Instead of going in head first and paying for a service that we don’t even know how to use properly it’s better to read blogging for dummies tutorials as there are a dime a dozen on the web.

                The options we have when it comes to setting up a blog are somewhat limited, if we can say that. Either we pay for the hosting, the domain name, and the application that allows us to create a completely customizable blog, or we go the hard way and try to find a website that will provide us with hosting, a domain, and a somewhat customizable blog template. There are, of course, a lot of in-between options here, and since most free applications give us a limited control over our blog, we should consider these in detail. Some blogging for dummies articles regarding how to set up a blog for free fail to address aspects like blog uptime, support and maintenance. Setting up a blog for free on a website that provides little to no support can soon turn into a nightmare, and not having our blog online for half of the time is certainly not something we’ll want to have happen.

                If we are looking for someone that can teach us how to set up a blog for free, then we should first check out if they have a blog and find out how successful it is. The odds are that a successful blogger that writes about blogging for dummies knows what he’s talking about. Of course, it’s not just who is posting something or where but the quality of what they’re posting that’s most important. Sloppy work is a dead giveaway that someone is just writing something in order to get more visitors or followers, and not because they really care about giving beginners good advice.

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