3 important points to create a blog for free

Posted by AllmaJess on March 14th, 2015

So, you have finally decided that you are going to start blogging and you’ve probably done a fair share of research on how to create a blog for free. Now, you must be wondering about how to decide which blogging platform would be best suited to start off as a first time blogger. Will you just focus on writing content or do you want to post photographs or videos too? Do you want options to customize it in way that will appeal a certain class of readers? Or, do you want to create a blog free to use for official purposes where too much of graphics may not be required? Your choice of a free blogging platform will depend on what you are planning to do with the blog – publish articles, make money or as an infotainment platform.

How to shortlist

As mentioned earlier, if you are clear about the reason as to why you wish to create the blog then it becomes easier to choose a platform that will allow you to create a blog free. Social integrations, customizable themes and domains as well as the overall look and feel of the template should be the basic features of any good platform.

You can also zero-in on the platform keeping in mind the usage pattern. For instance, if you want your blog to be accessible as easily from a mobile device as it will be from a laptop or desktop with all the videos, photographs and texts then your choice of platform could be different than what you would need in case of just a simple content based blog. To create a blog for free, this should be the first consideration.

Is the platform reliable and hacker free?

This is one point that most of us miss out on while deciding on the blogging platform to create a blog for free but this should be the next important factor which will help you decide. A low down time and up-to-date security features are a must if you want your blog website to operate smoothly. See who manages the platform and how long they have been doing so, how much they are committed to maintaining a secure site and what steps they have taken to ensure the same. You will probably see a lot written about their commitment but very little proof of their actions. While some platforms require their admin-in-charge to provide the security for the blog content and the blogging website, in others, it is automatically integrated in the software.

User friendly interface

The third point to remember to create a blog free is how easy it will be for the blogger and the reader to operate the platform. A user friendly interface will definitely make it easier for you to create a blog website as well as to edit or make any required modifications. If you are creating a multi user blog then you also need to keep the ease-of-use factor for the other bloggers in mind. 

The above are the three basic factors to consider when you are planning to create a blog for free. Once you have been able to decide the free blogging platform based on these points then you can take the first step to create a blog free.

To create a blog for free there are three basic points to remember so that you can create a blog free and use it free of cost as well.

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