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Posted by AllmaJess on March 14th, 2015

We all have heard of a blog website, many of us have been in touch with writing or reading blogs too. But there are many who would like to start writing blogs but do not know how to. To all those questions starting with “how to” here are the answers. It is easy to write a blog, you only have to follow a few set of guidelines. For example, to start my own blog, I as a blogger would first spend time in selecting a topic. During the initial days, it is wise to write on one specific topic than about writing on various subjects. Then, gradually start diversifying into other subjects. While selecting a topic be sure that you have enough authentic and non-plagiarized content to write about.

Next is to decide on the appearance of the blog website. The blog website should have a proper look. Dull backdrop, blogs full of spelling errors and uninteresting subjects are so not welcoming to the readers. I as a writer would definitely make sure that the look is visually appealing when I start my own blog. Never compromise with the quality of the content or the presentation of the blog. A badly handled blog can never give you the desired result, period. Today, every netizen has a social networking profile. Try to sync the weblog, commonly known as blogs, with the social networking sites and see it going viral.

Another decision that can keep me deliberating before I planned to start my own blog is whether I should select a paid hosting or a free one. Of course, paid hosting has more features but, a free hosting for blog website is an equally good platform to write on. It is only that you have limited ownership and lesser option in choosing themes and modes of decking up the site. If expressing your thought is the sole purpose of your blogging then go ahead with a free hosting. Use an interesting domain name and the plug-in options offered to enhance the readers’ experience.

Before I decided to start my own blog, I had done a good deal of research online. There are many websites that provide tutorials on how to write a blog, host a blog or promote it. Reading them up can give useful insights for creating your own blog website. You can even create a content calendar of the topics on which you want to write the blogs giving readers a clue on what is yet to come.

Demarcate the various genres of subjects for the blog website. That way, it will be easier for the readers to search your blogs objectively. In addition, it makes your blog look organized. Start preparing for your blog posts beforehand. Normally I start working on the subjects to cover a week before the planned posting date. One thing is important; you must invest time in this venture. I had kept aside a couple of hours every day when I planned to start my own blog. Quality should never be compromised if you are serious about your writing. Make you blogs look visually appealing to the readers and you are good to start your own blog.

Research well before you decide that, “Yes, I will start my own blog ”. Keep posting regularly to give your blog website a good web presence.

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