Raspberry Pi 2: The new smart little PC

Posted by jennycooper on March 14th, 2015

Technological innovations continuously gift us marvelous devices that make the previous generation technological inventions look age old. When we are still awestruck with portable palm-sized mini gaming computers, Raspberry Pi has come out with another sensation known as the Raspberry Pi 2. This device is everything that you need to make your own XBMC media player. A Raspberry Pi 2 kit is much cheaper when bought online. The kit contains all the necessary essentials and can be used for doing anything that your PC does.

The kit lets you work on spreadsheet, word processor and play hi-definition games. It can take pictures and videos as well. The Raspberry Pi 2 kit is of size of 1 GB and is a full starter kit. It includes a Raspberry Pi 2 model B and a start-up guide to help you in setting up the thing and to address basic troubleshooting. It also has a clear case and a set up of 2.5A/5V USB power supply apart from a Wi-Fi dongle for internet connection, HDMI cable wire and a heatsink and a micro SD Card of minimum 8GB size.

Those of you high on gaming skills know what magic the Raspberry Pi 2 holds. All you need is a TV, a keyboard and the Raspberry Pi 2 kit and you are set for the ultimate gaming experience. An improved version of the original Raspberry Pi, the new Pi 2 is a mini computer with higher RAM and is in the size of a credit card. It has been developed in the United Kingdom by Raspberry Pi Foundation but has a popularity that is worldwide. In fact till February 2015 more than 5 million kits have been sold. The main agenda of this company and these products is to promote basic education of computer in schools.

The name ‘raspberry’ is because of the conventional use of the names of fruits in the genre of microcomputers. The word ‘pi’ refers to the word ‘Python’ which definitely has nothing to do with the snake but, is after the first ever program called Python that was run on Raspberry Pi. The logo of this microcomputer has an interesting story behind it too. The logo originally was a 3D Bucky ball or Buckminsterfullerene which has 32 faces in total. Among the 32 faces, 11 are visible in the logo which is embossed on the Raspberry Pi 2 kit.

The Raspberry Pi 2 has ARMv7 processor and can run on LINUX as well as Windows 10 platform. It contains 4 USB ports and full HDMI and Ethernet ports too. The SD Card is loaded with NOOBS or New out-of-the-box Software which allows you to boot the system for the first time very easily. The Raspberry Pi 2 kit contains a unique power supply that is aptly suited for the minicomputer. It cuts out any voltage drop that is common with the ordinary power supplies and prevents unexpected rebooting of the device. So, move over the video consoles and joysticks, the new generation gaming experiences are here to stay for long.

Resource Box: The best place to buy Raspberry Pi 2 kit is online as it saves you good money. The Raspberry Pi 2 is easy to install and is a new generation minicomputer. 

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